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Advanced forges capible of capible of smelting verentine and sentient metles
Secure vaults
Various means of land transportation
Wide selection of trades and skills
Iron guard/staff
Ship builidng yard
Ware houses
Spare Fertile land

'The Argentius' The IronWings Flag Ship. 'The Silver Sky' and 'The Aurora'(multipurpose vessles)

'The Seaphim': Light armored convoy vessles built for speed, and offence. They travel in packs of six to escort and protect cargo vessles of the ironwing and its allies.

'The Iron wave' : Heavy, powerfull gallies with Anchor chains nailed in to the sides in of their sides in rows so tight as to prevent most canon balls from pentrating the hull. This makes the ships slower but practicaly imperetabul

'The Iron law' Vigilante battle ships of varies specialities: hire to kov ect... basicaly anti-pirate.

'The Iron shade' Vessels specialised in; and crewed with iron guard trained for the art of tactical warefare. Number/abilities/objectives: Unspecified

'Tansport vessles' facilities suitibul for both living and material cargo

'luxery ship' for diplomatic exibitions

'Fortune': The Wing's fabled cutter vessel; Appearing to be of elven construction, it is lithe, streamlined and in sharp contrast to the rest of the fleet; near unarmored. Though capeable of deep-sea voyage, It excells in transporting bands of adventureres acrosss coastlines or shallow waters at a speed unrivaled by any of the wings more fearsome vessels. Its hull, a work of art, bears vine-enshrouded murals of Kazbin's charriot, and is rumoured to be constructed soley of timber from the majestic wood.

All vessels boast;
Colapsabul decoy masts
Anti rouge facilities
On board company of marine based iron gaurd.

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