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The Knights of Valor

Terms, Conditions; and Benefits of emplotment under the Iron Wing

When smithing and selling Armor, Weapons or orthwise at the Iron Wing, one should note that:

Because of the abundance of well maintained and high-quality facilities at the Iron Wing, the time taken to construct any item is cut by half. However, for the upkeep and use of these facilities, a charge of 2.5% total sale price will be charged to the staff member.

When empoyed under the Iron Wing, staff may under no circumstances make outside trade.

Any staff member caught doing so will have their assets seized, and will be fired without chance of repreival. Under specialal circimstances, if attention is drawn to the founders before such a transaction may occur and both agree, the trade may go ahead.

New designs, etc created and sold within the Iron Wing become copyrighted thus; and for any use of such designs outside of the Iron Wing, a royalty fee of 12.5% applies. This is to be strictly enforced by all staff.Any staff member reporting a breach of these terms, will receive half of revenue gained from enforcing them as reward.

Finaly, for internal sales, a 10% discount should be set in place. Though this is not mandatory, it is good business etttiquete, and benefits all concerned. Haggling, and misconduct from staff to staff will not be tolerated.

All staff are protected under the iron wing. If a staff member, or stock becomes endangered, it is rquired for all members to strive towards eliminating such a threat with as much haste as the cirumstances allow..

Students of the School of Lamhfada receive a non-stackable 5% discount upon weapon, and armour purchases.

To apply for employment under the Iron Wing, please arrange an appointment with Memnoch DeSuolegna via the Business Propositions form.

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