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The Taurak Metal and Gem shoppe, Owned and proprieted by Mephiston under the lease of the Iron Wing All Items are available on order, in raw form or in refined form. Note: there is a two day order cooling down period, delivery will be made pending this period.

Metal Bars

The ores in the below list have been extracted with the utmost care and caution, so that they remain in perfect quality from the Mine to the buyer. The Metal ores are then forged into useable metal bars with which can be forged into items of the buyers choosing. Bars are guaranteed to be of the same quality of the ores they were made from, upon leaving the mines.
Iron Regular iron bars, the most common and widely used metal available 200gp
Steel Steel is forged by superheating iron and adding other elements to it. The metal is slightly more expensive, but stronger 300gp
Mithril Widely known for its light weight and strong composition, mithril is used mainly by dwarves and elves. Inc#663C11ibly strong and durable, much stronger than steel 700gp
Adamantine The adamantine bar was stumbled upon by a miner / alchemist who was experimenting with base metals. This metal is stronger than mithril and about the same weight. It is almost virtually unbreakable. 1000gp
Verentine A Recently discovered metal, made by mixing mithril with the original ores, it can be stronger than Adamantine, and lighter than mithril. It is currently in short supply. Feel free to ask if there is any available 1800gp
Sentient A strange metal of unknown origins, it has the strange ability to move by suggestive though. Thought to be a psychic conducter, when enchanted, it has literally thousands of uses. In extremely rare supply. 2000gp

Precious Metals

Precious metals incorporate those used in jewellery and art, such as gold, silver and the like. These metals fall under a different list because they arent very practical as far as weapons or armor go. They can, however be used to decorate.

Bronze Bars Made by smelting Copper and Tin together, bronze is a highly durable but somewhat weak material to use. Its abundance makes it both cheap in price and perfect for artisans. 250gp
Silver Highly sought after for its perfection, its presence is abundant in Orthos. Thought to have the properties of being able to slay lycanthopes, if the silver is pure enough. Has many uses, from sling bullets to cutlery, it is versatile and higly regarded. 400gp
Gold This metal makes the world go around. Seen as a symbol of status and perfection, it us used not only in art, and metalwork, but as currency in orthos. 500gp
Platinum The most precious of precious metals. Its rarity makes it a higly prized metal, if it can be aquired. Looking like a pale version of gold, it is slightly stronger and less weighty. 600gp

Precious Stones and Gems

Just like precious metals, precious gems and stones are sought after not only for status, but for other reasons. They have unique qualities that can sometimes enhance magical qualities, and so forth. Precious stones have been worked from the mine, and cut to perfection by the jewellers of the iron wing, but uncut gems are also available on demand (minus 10% of the price of each gem)

Onyx A small black semi precious stone 400gp
Amethyst Purple and white crystals formed within volanic boulders. Said to have magical properties. 500gp
Jade A dull green stone, looks like faded green marble. 600gp
Topaz A precious gem, found deep within the earth. Clear stone with a blue Hue to it 600gp
Opal A precious gem found in old volcanic flows. Milky white in appearance with multiple hues reflecting from inside the gem 600gp
Emerald A slightly rare clear, dark green gem. It is highly sought after 700gp
Sapphire A translucent deep blue gem. 700gp
Ruby A firery translucent, very precious stone. Fairly rare and is highly sought after as a sign of status. 800gp
Diamond Arguably the most precious of precious stones available. Extremely hard stone when cut properly, it can be used to cut hard materials, and as the ultimate gem of status. 1000gp

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