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Island, located two days N, W, W of the crimson bay containing...

  • A huge and magnificent costal fortress/castle watching over the island like a silent sentinel, built upon an ancient monastery, and complete with a massive network of catacombs plus defensive and offensive armaments and weaponry, a library, housing, halls and others elaborate furnishing.
  • A large forest rich with wildlife and lumber yard, various temples and guild houses including the IronGaurds citadel with several outposts doted about the land.
  • A mine and quarry with mechanical aid and trade routs, Large Dock with marina, ; A silver dragon's lair housing 'Argentius', and a large selection of mountainous hills to the north, complete with partly documented cave network.
  • A small shrine devoted to Forte De`Lorius, erected in front of the Iron Wing .It is a statue holding a massive blade, which is enchanted by holy powers. A small plaque is contructed near it's feet with the text 'For Thee Light Be Valiant Destroy Thy Enemies'
    Note: the statue is guarded by the spirit of a lvl 20 fencer, and anyone with dishonest or unlawful intentions towards the statue or its surroundings will have to face the fencer spirit.

    Estates within, and about the Crimson Bay

  • Large dock with warehouse and Ship building yard complete with land locked marina and dry docks. Stone cast confrence rooms and worksops including; Equipment, tools and means of supply.
  • Self sufficient Manner/Guild house with onsite barracks and housing, arial layout resembeling a large wing.
  • A seclection of shops with specialised facilities, such as forges and labs.

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