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All armour is available whith in a selection of materials and designs..
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Leather and Miscellaneous Armor: (Light)

These Suits and accessories of boiled leather reinforced with metallic strips can make a slight noise when used due to the clanking of the iron reinforcements. The iron is however optional and either way this armour provides excellent defence and unrestricted movement in combat.

Leather Vest- 20% soak (Chest, back, shoulders, stomach) -1 penalty, 1000gp
Leather Shirt- 20% soak (Chest, back, shoulders, stomach, upper and lower armor) -1 penalty, 1050gp
Leather Gauntlets- 25% soak (Hands, fore arm) (Sold by the pair) 975gp
Leather Pants- 20% soak (Groin, upper leg, shins)-1 penalty, 1000gp
Leather Boots- 25% soak (Shins, feet) (Sold by the pair) 1000gp
Hard Leather Suit- 25% soak (Chest, back, shoulders, stomach, upper arm, fore arm, groin, upper leg, shins) -3 penalty, 2000gp
Leather Cap- 20% soak (Head) -1 penalty, 750gp
Leather FaceMask- 25% soak (face) -1 penalty, 1000gp
Leather Gloves- 20% soak (hands) (Sold by the pair) 900gp
Leather Cape- 25% soak (Back, shoulders) -1 penalty, 1000gp
Golden Defensive Harp - This exquisite golden harp is crafted with intricate swirling patterns. Its strings are fine and well-strung, and the melody that it plays when its strings are plucked is heavenly causing a faint protective glow to surround both it, and its user giving a 25% soak (Chest, shoulders, stomach, upper arm, fore arm, groin and upper leg) -3 def 3000gp
Cloak of Faith- Devised by the first battle clerics, words of strength and power are woven into the underside of this cape to charge a cleric physically and spiritually in battle. Many an enemy group has fallen to a cleric wrapped in this cloaks embrace. 25% soak (back, shoulders) +1 defensive prayer/spells 2500gp
Holy Medallion- This beautiful platinum medallion is exquisitely crafted with the symbols of the gods. It seems to vibrate quietly when you touch its smooth surface. +2 def 2000k
Skullcap- 20% soak (This is an extremely thin skin of the finest cured leather is designed to be worn over the crown of the head.) 700gp

Chainmail Armor: (Light)

Chainmail, bring a heavy armour encores some restriction of movement, yet as it gleams, It's smooth exterior of countless stee lrings form a near iimperishable shield about its owner, this liability is more than balanced out by its protective advantage when defending from ranged weapons.

Chainmail Coif- 20% soak (Head, neck) -2 penalty, 1200gp
Chainmail Shirt- 20% soak, +10% against arrows (Chest, back, stomach, shoulders) -2 penalty, 1400gp
Chainmail Skirt- 25% soak, +10% against arrows (Hip, upper leg, shins) -2 penalty, 1500gp

Mesh Armor: (Light)

Just like chain mail, mesh armor consists of interlocking steel rings, but the size and thickness of the rings are much smaller, allowing freedom of movement and making this armor type much lighter. Unfortunately the decrease in metal strength also lessens this armor's protective value.

Mesh Coif- 15% soak (Head, neck) -1 penalty, 1500gp
Mesh Shirt- 15% soak, +10% against arrows (Chest, back, stomach, shoulders) -1 penalty, 1700gp
Mesh Skirt- 20% soak, +10% against arrows (Hip, upper leg, shins) -1 penalty, 1800gp

Segmented and Splinted Armor: (Medium)

Splinted and segmented armour, being altogether more effective than their predecessors when defending against melee weapons, pay the price for their toughness by taking a larger still toll against the wearer's agility. Though be of no doubt, such a heavy soak is well worth the hindrance of a little restrictive movement.

Segmentata- 30% soak (Chest, stomach, back, shoulders) -4 penalty, 1500gp
Segmented Arm Guard- 30% soak (Shoulder, Upper Arm, fore arm) -2 penalty, 1500gp
Splinted Top- 35% soak (shoulder, back, chest, stomach) -4 penalty, 5000gp
Splinted Armlet- 35% soak (forearm) -1 penalty, (Sold by the pair) 3500gp
Splinted Leglet- 30% soak (Shin) -1 penalty, (sold by the pair) 3500gp

Platemail: (Heavy)

Though not often worn in the "field" because of its great weight and bulkiness making it very uncomfortable to wear, strap on and take off. A full complement of plate mail offers increased strength in both the shoulder and the torso region, making these regions very hard to penetrate with any melee or ranged weapon. The very toughness that weighs this armour down makes it the perfect choice for the stationery guard or duellist.

Platemail Armor- 50% soak (Entire body except: Neck, face, head) -10 penalty, 45000gp
Platemail Greeves- 40% soak (Shins) -2 penalty, (Sold by the pair) 5000gp
Platemail Gauntlets- 40% soak (Hands, fore arm) -2 penalty, (sold by the pair) 5000gp
Platemail Chestplate- 40% soak (Chest, stomach) -6 penalty, 9000gp
Platemail Neck Guard- 40% soak (Neck) -2 penalty, 7000gp


Are used to shield the wearer's head from blows and injury. Offering protection too the most fragile yet vital part of the body. A strong Helmet is not an optional piece of equipment to the most serious of warriors it's a necessity

Skull Helmet- 15% soak (Head, face) +1 hit, 5000gp
Spiked Gladiator Helm- 25% soak (Head, face, neck), +1 def, 15000gp
Closed Maximillion- 20% soak (Head, face) Protects from blindness, 7000gp
Cabaset- 15% soak (Head) 1000gp
Grid Helmet- 20% soak (Head, face) 2000gp
Iron Corinthian- 20% soak (Head, face) 2000gp
Iron Corinthian w/ Plume- 20% soak, +1 dmg, -1 Char (head, face) 6000gp
Great Helm- +35% soak (Head, face, neck) 5000gp
Salade w/ Bavore- 30% soak (Head, face, neck) 4250gp
Winged Helmet- 50% soak (Head) +3 def, 40000gp

Shields: (Buckler-type)

This is a tiny shield, mostly used in tandem with a fencing weapon. It is light and can be moved quickly to deflect attack, but does not provide very good protection.

Can use 2H weapons with these shields equipped
Small Wooden Buckler- +1 def, 500gp
Medium Iron Buckler- +2 def, 1000gp
Large Steel Buckler- +3 def, 2000gp

Shields: (Normal-type):

The common shield, can greatly increases defence and combat endurance with in its user, and despite its cumbersome nature does not restrict movement, instead, asking only for a hand to be held in. Variations of this device can cause it to be as deadly as it is powerful.

Can only use 1H weapons with these shields equipped
Circular Shield- +4 def, 3500gp
Knightly Shield- +5 def, 5000gp
Kite Shield- +5 def, 5000gp
Tower Shield- +6 def, 7000gp
Sentient Skull Shield- This massive shield has elaborately-carved skulls set in its black Sentient front. Embedded in the center of the shield's face is a gleaming skull, its visage forever frozen in a hideous grin. A depliction of the demonic God Lar. +7def  10000gp
Phalanx Shield- +7 def, 10000gp
Sentient Crested Shield- This massive, curved shield is crafted from a fine, silvery sentient metal, and glitters brightly. Emblazoned on its smooth face is the proud symbol of the celestial temple of Kaley. +7 def 10000gp
Shields: (Attack-type):
Can only use 1H weapons with these shields equipped, and may attack with the shields
Spiked Circular Shield- +3 def, d8 dmg, 6000gp
Main Gauche- This is actually more of a weapon, also called a "left-handed dagger." It has prongs around the base of the blade that can be used to entangle an opponent’s weapon. This cannot be used against ranged attacks. +4 def, d10 dmg,
Bladed Attack Shield- +3 def, 2d6 dmg, 10000gp

Angel/Demon Armor:

Armour tailored to the specific needs of winged creatures, such as angels and demons, though expensive, offers unrivalled protection with no hindrance to movement what so ever.

God Leather Armor: 30% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no penalty, 10000gp
God Steel Armor: 45% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no penalty, 25000gp
God Diamond Armor: 55% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no penalty, 50000gp
Devil Leather Armor: 30% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no penalty, 10000gp
Devil Steel Armor: 45% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no Penalty, 25000gp
Devil Onyx Armor: 55% soak,(chest, back, shoulders, stomach) no penalty, 50000gp

Animal Armor:

A selection of the finest materials moulded into sets of armour especially for the use of the animal kingdom.

Beasts Armor: 30% soak 10000gp
Armor of the Braking Dawn: 45% soak 25000gp
Unicorn Armour: 55% soak 50000gp
Shadow Armor: 30% soak 10000gp
Twilight Armor: 45% soak 25000gp
Midnight Armor: 55% soak 50000gp
Enchanted Armor: Unique
Rogues Knight: Made of the darkest of black metals these suits of armour were commissioned by Zardit himself for the most powerful of his true faithful. Enchanted by an evil drow mage and riddled with hidden pockets and tools it has become the gifted thieves best friend. Price: 250,000 GP
Soak: 50% soak Penalty: +2 def
Effect: +5 to espionage skills with a further +1 to inital roll.
Chain Armor: Large steel armor that has chains wrapped around it. The chains increase soak and also can be used as weapons. The chains turn into tenticle like weapons with strike chains. Price: 250,000 GP
Soak: 50% without chains, 60% with chains on Penalty: -3 def
Effect: 10 chain tenticles. 2d5 each, Attacks once per action.
Elemental Armor: This exotic suit of Armour has apparently been made from smoky black crystal. Runes embedded deep in it surface give evidence of its magical origin, and pulse with a dim green fire. Price: 250,000 GP
Soak: 45% soak Penalty: +3 def
Effect: 20% soak agaist all elemental magic attacks
Lightning Armor: Large Steel armor with lightning surrounding the outsides. Especiall useful against melee weapons. The lightning charges and attacks the melee weapons. Price: 250,000 GP
Soak: 40% soak Penalty: -4 def
Effect: Deals d10 lightning dmg to attack and makes the weapon go down d3 dmg if a successful melee attack lands on the armor.
Wind Armor: Large Steel armor that increases the speed of the wearer. Price: 250,000 GP
Soak: 45% soak Penalty: +4 def
Effect: Increases defense and gives +5 to initial roll.

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