The demons laid siege to the marble walls that surrounded the ancient celestial city of Ryozinyt. The Heaven’s Gate wars had raged on for eons it seemed, both sides were lagging and suffered from the lingering effects that the trials of war.

An angel watched the legions of demon warriors that crowded the skies and the base of the city’s walls, though her eyes remained transfixed on the Demon General, Lar. He stood at the helm of the assault, as his armies pressed against the angelic resistance. The sound of metal thundered throughout the air, as another angel fell beside the angel, Kaley. A sigh escaped her full lips, her eyes squinting against the demonic form of the general. "Lar, why must this come to such bloodshed?" What was to be a thought had become words that seemed to escape from her very soul. A Paladin herself, Kaley had served personally in Kazbin's court before she was given the responsibility of overseeing the celestial city.

The good Gods had held their angel servants in high regard, and Kaley was by far the most notable of the holy race. Her deeds were only surpassed by her resolve, faith, and sense of loyalty. She had been given the privilege of leadership as well as the burdens that come along with such. Frustration had begun to fill her soul as she saw her troops, although they were fighting valiantly and with bravery, they were beginning to be pressed back, and demon hoards began to spill forth, entering the city walls of Ryozinyt. A deep breath taken, Kaley’s eyes were strong as she unsheathed the mighty blade, Truth Song. If her city were to fall to this unholy siege, then let it would be by her last breath.

The angelic beauty crouched and then leapt for the skies, taking to flight as her trusted blade ran through a demon with every stroke, her silver locks stained with the crimson essence. Her path obvious, the demon general reflecting in her eyes as she sliced through the opposition, and as the other angels saw their leader’s stand, their moral quickly swelled as new hope filled their fighting hearts. Victory was in Kaley's eyes as her sheer determination seemed to radiate from her very being, and her troops fed on this like a newborn babe on a mother’s milk.

She flew towards Lar, for this confrontation had been centuries in the making. Fueled by her loyalty to her kindred, the loss of her angelic brethren feeding the fire in which burned in her soul, tears streamed from her eyes, as blood spewed from all that stood in her path. Her blade, Truth Song, unforgiving in its attacks, unlike the flesh its cold bite sank into. The battle of Hellswrath was starting to fall in the favor of the angels, as the mighty Demon General Lar snarled, his lips curling back in a fierce grimace.

Impaling another angel on the staff part of his fierce sickle, Lar grabbed the angels broken body in one of his taloned hands, ripping the limp form from his weapon, Bladewrath, as the gore covered his flesh. His eyes smoldered as the rage consumed him, his wave of aggression leading towards Kaley, who was quickly advancing. With a snarl, the Demon General crouched low, his sickle held out to his side as he waited for the angelic knight to advance closer. When he saw the time was right, Lar tensed his muscles in his legs, and took off for the skies as well, if they were to fight, certainly he would win. Let the angels and demons watch his victory!

A few powerful strokes of demonic and angelic wings brought the two together, Truth Song held high, Bladewrath coming up from underneath, and as the blades collided, an unholy clank of dread resounded across the battlefield. The two warriors, One of Light, the Other of Darkness, begun to square off with each other.

They circled each other in the skies over the city of Ryozinyt, neither one said a word to the other. Words were not needed, the look of hatred and loathing burned deeply in both of their eyes. Quick to see the angel dead, Lar grabbed his sickle into both of his hands, and charged the angel and as their blades met once more, the strength of the demon was awe inspiring as the impact of the collision tremored through Kaley’s body, knocking her back. Seeing that the angel had lost her balance, he sneered and pressed harder, Bladewrath coming down quickly as Kaley barely diverts the path of the razor edge with Truth Song.

Regaining her composure, Kaley spins in the air, Truth Song held secure in her hand as she swings in a mighty upward arc. The agility of the angel, the quickness of her attack, surprised the demon as the holy fires of the sword finds Lar’s flesh. A crimson trail across his chest formed as blood began to pour from the scorched wound and the reeking scent of burnt flesh filled the two warriors nostrils as the battle rages on, the sight of the blood only inspires Lar, the wrath, the brooding evil that flashed in his eyes, the Chaos that swarmed within his very being, spilling from his essence. A small victory for the angel, she made a flesh wound. But the demon waited, circling around with Kaley till he saw it, his chance at a quicker and most deadly of Victories.

Tightening his grip on Bladewrath, the demon makes one fierce attack, bringing the deadly sickle upward, his eyes gleaming with the Victory that was at hand, his blade has found its mark. The look of pain, agony, and surprise was deep in Kaley’s eyes, much to the demon’s glee, with that last attack, Lar seemed to have sealed the angels fate, the city would certainly fall now, as the razor sharp edge of Bladewrath had met with the angelic wings of Kaley, and gleaned them off neatly.

With the wings severed from her body, Kaley’s life's blood flowing from the wound to the awaiting ground below in the gushing stream of her own heart beats, she plummets downward as the demon warrior made a grab for the two wings as before they followed suit. When his talons touched the two wings, a great explosion of light erupted, energy surging from the wings as the strange aura surrounded the demon lord. As the light dimmed, and much to the demon’s glee, the angelic wings had taken the place of his demonic ones, Victory was now in his hands. A grin crossed his lips, seeing his new addition, wearing now Kaley’s wings as a trophy, a tribute to his strength and greatness, a symbol of his persona.

He had done it! He had crushed the angel of all angels, and now, as he looked down upon her broken body, he had to finish the job. Stretching his angelic wings Lar dives toward Kaley, who laid helplessly on the blood soaked soils below. Bladewrath poised to decapitate her still corpse as the demon descended upon the angel as fast as his new wings would let him, preparing to finish the chosen angel forever. Kaley’s eyes flare open, an inner warning as she lifts the mighty Truth Song into a surprised demon, who had impaled himself on the fierce holy blade, his own blade locked deeply into her chest.

The two warriors, natural born leaders, one of light, one of darkness, died that day, staring into each other’s eyes.

As their blood mingled, pouring from their wounds, the crimson essence erupted in a flash of power where it had settled. A hand, reaching from the bloodied ground, began to search for a hold, anything to grab onto. And when it found one, the ankles of the deceased warriors, it began to pull the newly formed body from the earth. Soaked in the blood of the demon and angel, a new being of great strength was born. Raising her hands, she called upon the powers of the dark and the light, sending a pulsating beam of power into the two forces. The angels were gripped with awe, and the demons faded as they awakened in their hellish homelands, far from the battlegrounds of Hellswrath.

The war was over yet the story had just begun.

As the new being stood beside the bodies of her fallen parents, her mind begun to race. She had power that baffled her. Her mere existence confused her. She had just come into being, yet her mind raced with the knowledge, sharing the memories of both of her unlikely parents. She shared the form of her mother, slender, agile, except for the wings. Her long crimson locks flowed as she looked into her father's dark orbs. She shared his ambition, yet she was also filled with her mother's kindness. Confusion began to weigh on her as she collapsed to her knees, her voice choking, tears flowing from her eyes. It was then, a kind voice filled her ears, comforting her, as each syllable seemed to bring her strength.

"Nae worry my Child, in time your Destiny will be clear. You will be the Mother of a Great Nation. A new race will share your Blood, your Breath, your Flesh." Her eyes quickly darted toward the source of this mysterious voice, meeting up with Kazbin's own soft smile, beaming down toward her. “You are the first of your kind, the very first Human to ever draw breath.“ Kazbin retains the smile before he looks over to the two fallen warriors. “Fitting, in a way that your birth came from death, Tierra."

Slamming his staff on the ground, energy crackled as the stave sinks deep into the soils of the angelic kingdom. Power surged across the ground as it weaved around the two fallen warriors, animating their broken, lifeless, bodies. The god's power breathed a new found Life into the two corpses. “You have been granted your new lives, placed now it with the duty of the pantheon where the both of you will rightfully fill your place there.”

Kazbin fixed his eyes first onto the Demon General. “You, Lar, will create through Destruction and Chaos.” Lar smiled cruelly and took a step back as Kazbin’s attention went onto his own Angelic Warrior. “And you, Kaley, your life was a tribute to Valor. Therefore, you will represent that attribute for all eternity. This is now both of your destinies, live it!" In a flash of might, the new God and the new Goddess disappeared from sight, reappearing in their new Domains as Kazbin's attention quickly moves on.

His voice fills the air once more, speaking out to the angels that surrounded him. “Angels! You have lived your existence to serve! Now, is time for you to know your freedom! To know life as the mortal realm will come to know life. Enjoy the blessing of this mortality. Create your cities and live your lives! You each have earned this destiny!” and as those words were, spoken the angels find themselves in the realm of Orthos, high atop a mountainous range.

Kazbin’s attention then fell down upon that of the demons, his voice finding them even in the depths of Hell. “You, Demons, have lived a life of treachery and evil. I will send you as well to the mortal realm were you will be shunned and feared by the other mortal races. You will never know trust, and you will be despised. This is your curse now live it!” and with those words of power spoken the demons too find themselves on the very same soils of Orthos, or rather in the soils, in their new realm, The Abyss.

Once again his eyes find those of Tierra. Reaching out, Kazbin takes the power granted to her by her magical birth. “That power is a burden for gods, not mortals, my child, Your legacy will be that of all of the humans.” He smiles gently as he kneels down before her. “One of honesty, and treachery. Your race will be the most diverse of all others. They will create grand things, and yet, they will destroy what they create. Flourish in their triumphs, and yet, fall victims of their own ambitions. Yes, my child, your life too, will be one, watch.” The God grins as Tierra appears on the soils of Orthos as well.

The strong scent of fresh bread awakened Tierra; she had been apart of this nomadic tribe for weeks. They had welcomed her as their own, these strange people so beautiful graceful they`re every movement like poetry in motion. They were called elves; there understanding of nature was amazing. This new world was simply mystifying; a small child was beaming down as she stirred within the comfort of her bedroll. Tierra smiled up into the Elven Childs almond shaped eyes, her amethyst orbs radiated the naive innocence that accompanies children this age "I my name Vala, what`s yours?`" The child so full of energy rocked on her heels awaiting Tierra`s reply. "My name is Tierra, and might I add it is a pleasure to meet you Vala" Her soft smile radiating behind Sky blues. The announcement to break camp was yelled from the tribal leader. Within the hour they were on the road again, Orthos was virtually a new world. And mostly unsettled. This caravan had been traveling for years searching the wide vastness for a place to settle. They had recently entered a huge forest; the forest was like nothing any of those gathered had ever witnessed. The trees were large foreboding telling the stories of Orthos when only there up stretched limbs and deep soiled roots were all that inhabited the fledgling world. Vala spoke up tagging the wood with its name, as it has stuck till this very day "This is the most majestic wood" her huge smile holding a glimmer of solemn inspiration. The tribal elder over hearing the Childs comment "Indeed it is young one and so it will forever be known" They traveled two more days into the vast wood and there they found there home. The elder announced there days with the wind at last had come to a end, and the tribe quickly went to work building the city that became the kingdom of Velkyn Che`el.

Tierra spent nearly a decade within the Elven city her contribution had landed her a spot on the cities council. Even though she was accepted and even revered by the other inhabitants of Velkyn Che`el. She was not home; she felt the overwhelming pull of the road. Her destiny was not here this was not her legacy. So in the still of night she left only leaving a letter of explanation for her departure. She knew in her heart if she was to tell the others of her ambitions they would dismiss it and talk her into staying, and that would just not do. So she suited up her caravan packing her most prized possessions, and she rode silently into the still night knowing not of her store away. She rode threw the entire night putting the Elven city in the wake of her dust, when finally she decided to camp for the night. Tierra murmuring a few words of arcane created a small magical fire to provide heat for her morning meal. When from within the Caravan a crash was heard? Quickly she rushed to find the source of the commotion, and buried beneath a pile of items, a birdcage over the young adults head two amethyst orbs peer pleasingly into Tierra`s "VALA!! What in the God`s names are you doing!!” Tierra" Vala`s magical voice rang from beneath several bedrolls "How can you leave without me? You never even said Good-Bye." Tierra`s stern expression quickly softens as it’s was all but impossible to stay displeased with this young Elven maiden. She was all but the most enchanting vision; her flowing blonde locks gleamed brighter than the great ball of fire in the sky. Her amethyst eye`s dancing with the simple mirth of a true innocent beauty. She was the most breath-taking glimpse of a mortal form, her mere presence comforted, as there was no greater tribute to the wonders of nature than the fair Vala. "So Tierra what would you ever do without me? Look even now your hair looks as if it was tossed together by ribbons. Tisk tisk." a sly smile crosses the girls pleasant lips. Tierra`s expressions twisting in an obvious false display of displeasure "Now Vala flattery will serve you no good. Now rise up and clean your mess up. By Kazbin what will I ever do with you? That is the question. Not what I will do without you" Tierra pleasant smile radiating as the last words are chorused from her lips. Vala snickering as she gathers herself "Tierra one should really teach you how to pack appropriately, I mean there are pack rats that are better prepared for travel." Vala`s smile glowing bright as she gazes up cast into the human woman`s blue eyes. "Your packing will be the death of us." The sound of a wolf`s howl sounds out, sending chills up the two women`s spines. Tierra`s voice holding a grave seriousness" I think perhaps if my packing is the most of our worries we will be truly blessed my child" The bone chilling howl sounded once more "Let Kazbin be with us"

The night came on like a phantom stealing the sky. The howling wolves just outside the campfire`s illumination only intensified the pitch-black darkness. The two friends are comforted by the other`s presence yet fearing for the others well-being. Footsteps approach the Camp, a robed figure in a green shroud walks within the Lights circle. The magic wards set by Tierra sparking against the mans invading passage, but decimates from the man`s own inner strengths. Two white wolves pad up Laying at the shrouded man`s feet, He reaches up his fingers pulling back the cowl, exposing his long blonde hair. The Elven male beautiful to gaze upon, his tan skinned bronzed and unflawed. His golden eyes crackling with the mans arcane energies. "You are in the Elric wood. I am Elric. You are trespassing on my lands. And therefore within the rights of my decree" Tierra`s eyes gleam with her own innate powers, the strong magic`s wielded by this woman had been unstable at best. Often creating powerful after surges. The woman stands looking at the man" you hold no power over me." Her palms glow as red orbs of energy crackle pulsating as she harnesses the magic stream. Her lips muttering words of imprinted knowledge. She had scripted her spoken spells, and taught this gift to others. That seemed to just spill forth from her very essence. Elric perks a brow as he looks into the crimson beauties eyes." A Wood witch. How perfect. I`ll slay you, you lapwhore of the dark lord!!" The young elf springs forward, his two wolves following suit, as darkness consumes them all... The young elf felt heat, burning flesh. Then darkness. Tierra sees the attack, sending the flaming orbs into the man. The Tierra star being hurled from her right hand, the other hand tossing its own. Meeting the attack with an unequaled wall of force knocking the bodies limp. Their forced slumbers very painful as the darkness pain ridden dreams cloud the three`s minds. Vala and Tierra go to work maintaining their Captives.

Elric had proved a reluctant student, but once he started harnessing the scripted magic, His love for the art flourished, they had been traveling for months, roaming the shoreline. His arcane studies and chores had paid his debt of wrongly attacking the two damn wood witches (SO THEY CLAIMED!!), but now had no were to be but with them. He had grown quite smitten with the older witch. What power did this woman have on him? His father had told him of such enchantments witches tossed upon young men, to gain their fancy. Damn wood witches... yet he follows her fighting his own primal urges. LOVE who needs it?

Tierra stops standing on a cliff her eye`s catching a glittering red gleam along the cliff side, She directs the small caravan towards the Vision Tierra smiles "Lets take a look the Cave lip looks pretty" Elric shakes his head in a open stance of Refusal" No Cave`s are dark. That`s not my type of environment. Enclosed dank, wet and stepping in bat shit.` Vala chuckles" you just a big girl. You afraid of the dark are you Elric?" Elrics eyes quirk in a expression of denial as his lips snarl in disgust "Of course not... I just don`t like Caves!!" Tierra looks to Elric "You won`t come to protect me?" His heart softens, as his gaze is overwhelmed with the thought of lady Tierra`s safety "I will lead the Way" How could he refuse?

They discovered the mine, and started to extract the rich stone deposit within Orthos` crust, Later that year after destroying loads of Gem`s a nomadic group of stout short folks, Calling themselves the Roamin Stoneworkers Guild, struck a deal with the three adventurers. And helped establish the economy that is now the treasury of Crimson Bay.