The mysteries of these fairy tale horrors are very unsure. Scholars forget their origin. These powerful creatures of the dark embrace the most powerful of the various races to their kind. They spend the night stalking and hunting for victims, to drink their life's blood, savoring its essence. Those drained completely and embraced become vampires in three days after their bodies are laid to rest. On the third night, they escape their grave. Gravediggers blame the body-snatching necromancers for this occurrence Vampires can shift into a mist, wolf, or bat. They cannot stand in direct sunlight unless age or magic items allow. Vampires live until they are destroyed. Vampires appear to be there previous self, always Evil in alignment.

-Regenerates 2d4+con bonus hp/ round up to max hp
-Charm person 2 times daily at a +3tht
-Gain either Prenatural Strength or Prenatural Speed as a free talent.
-Enhanced Senses +2 to listen checks, 30ft dark vision, Smell at 50ft what a human can smell at 15ft.

-Vampires take double damage on fire damage
-Vampires take double damage on holy damage
-Cannot be healed as by normal heal spells.
--2 divine resist.
-Sunlight does 3d8 damage/round exposed

+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity