Pixies are a mischievous race of people, with small kingdoms that are found in the forest tops of the Majestic Wood. Their appetite for mischief is only rivaled by their insatiable sweet tooth. This fairy race is noted for their extravagant pranks. Pixies appear as small winged elves. They have small butterfly-like wings that range in various colors and tones. Pixies are from 8 to 12 inches tall. The average lifespan of a pixie is 250 years. Pixies must be good aligned.

-Pixies have +2 defense due to size
-Pixies have a natural +2 luck saves
-Pixies can cast minor illusion at a +3 tht two times daily.
-Pixies can cast enlarge 1 time daily as a free action.

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 16, Dexterity: 24, Constitution: 16, Intelligence: 22, Wisdom: 22, Charisma: 20

Minimum Starting Stats: Strength: 1, Dexterity: 9, Constitution: 1, Intelligence: 7, Wisdom: 7, Charisma: 5