Found in the forests and near water, Nymphs are the most seductive creatures known. A male nymph is unheard of, but the females of this race are often bound to either a tree or the water they reside by. Intelligent and seductive, but weaker of mind and body. Nymphs often times resemble their environment; water nymphs are often of golden or reddish hair, with blue or green eyes. Wood Nymphs have darker hair colors with green or brown eyes, but there are few exceptions. Nymphs stand from 5-5 1/2 feet in height and have soft curvy bodies.

(Starting Languages: Common, Fae, and, Elven, one other)

-Nymphs can charm either an animal or person for 1d6 rounds, twice a day, at a +4tht.
-Nymphs can open a temporary rift gate in any area within a 300 mile radius one time a day at a +2tht.
-Nymphs have a +2 to saves against charm spells.
-Nymphs can phase into a tree 2 times a day as a free action. While the nymph is in the tree, it can neither attack nor defend. However they do not receive damage unless the tree itself is attacked.

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 19, Dexterity: 21, Constitution: 18, Intelligence: 21, Wisdom: 19, Charisma: 22

Minimum Starting Stats: Str 4, Dex 6, Con 3, Int 6, Wis 4, Cha 7