Lycanthotropes have been cursed with the ability to transform into powerful humanoid and half animal forms. They can transform into full animal form or humanoid form. This disease is passed through the bite of another of this kind. They can usually control these transformations at will except on the full moon, when the transformation and nature of the beast consumes the infected being. In this state, they cannot tell friend from foe, and go on a hunt, feasting on victims in their primal rage. Lycanthotropes in true form appear as there pre-infected selves. They also return to this form upon death. They live their lives out as they would before being infected.

Regenerates 2d4+con bonus hp/round up to max hp
Shift into Were form one time daily as a free action
Gain either Prenatural Speed or Strength as a free talent
Enhanced Senses +2 to listen checks, 30ft dark vision, Smell at 50ft what a human can smell at 15ft.

Lycanthropes take double damage from silver
Lycanthropes take double damage from holy magic
Cannot be healed as heal spells.
-2 divine resist

+2 Strength, +2 Dexterity