The children of humans and pixies are a rare race indeed. Half-fae's have the fun loving mischievous attitude inherited from their pixie parents, but inherit the size of their human parents. They have small translucent wings on their back that range in a variety of colors. While less sturdy than their human heritage, they have the smartness of their fae blood. Half fae's are almost always raised in human society, since taking care of half-fae offspring often endangers pixie encampments. Half fae's range from 4 and a half feet to 5 and a half feet in height, and are slender and lithe in build. Most weigh no more than 130 pounds. The limited research of scholars pinpoints a half fae's life span at 300-500 years.

(Starting Languages: Common, fae, elven)

-Half fae's can cast shrink one time daily as a free action
-Half faes have a +2 to luck saves.
-Half faes can cast minor illusion at a +2.
-Half fae's can fly in short 20ft. burst 3 times daily.

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 18, Dexterity: 21, Constitution: 20, Intelligence: 22, Wisdom: 19, Charisma: 20

Minimum Starting Stats: Str: 3, Dex: 6, Con: 5, Int: 7, Wis: 4, Cha: 5