Half elves are a perfect blend of human and elven qualities; the grace of an elf, with the constitution of a human, though slightly weaker. Half Elves are often times recognized by their leaner frame, and pointed ears, (A trait that shows the elven heritage). They are however taller than elves, getting their height from their human blood ranging from 4'11 to 5'10. Eye, hair and skin color vary.

(Starting Languages: Common, Elven, and one other)

-Half elves can see in low light for up to 30 ft.
-Half elves earn one extra talent point every 5 levels.
-Half elves learn one more language every 4 levels.
-Half elves have a +1 to saves against sleep spells.

(Max starting stats: 19 str 21 dex 20 con 20 int 20 wis 20 char)

Minimum Starting Stats: 4 str, 6 dex, 5 con, 5 int, 5 wis, 5 cha