The dark elves live in a society run by dominant females that rule over their respective houses with an iron fist. The women of this race are cruel and their contempt for failure is strongly apparent. The males tend to be subservient and fearful of the women that hold all key positions of power in dark elf society. Dark elf cities are massive kingdoms located deep in the belly of the underdark throughout Orthos. The cities are structured in a series of ranked houses. There is a ruling council where the matrons' of the ten highest-ranking houses make major decisions. A position on this council is highly coveted in this society. More than one house in the way of an ambitious matron gaining a seat on this council has been destroyed. The houses are always at war for a better position within the hierarchy. The females range from 5'4" to 5'11" in height, and the males range from 4'10" to 5'4". Small to medium body structures, ebony skin, fierce crimson eyes, and thick white hair all identify a dark elf. Life spans tend to exceed 1200 years.

(Starting Languages: Common, Dark Elven, Drelven Sign)

-Dark elves get 120ft infrared vision
-Dark elves are known for their natural resistance to spells. All dark Elves receive a +2 to willpower saves.
Dark elves can cast the spell Darkness: (blinds opponent for 1d6 rounds) at a +3 tht twice a day.
-Dark elves can cast twinkling lights (illuminates a 20 ft area) two times a day as a free action.

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 19, Dexterity: 21, Constitution: 19, Intelligence: 21, Wisdom: 20, Charisma: 20

Minimum Starting Stats: Strength: 4, Dexterity: 6, Constitution: 4, Intelligence: 6, Wisdom: 5, Charisma: 5