Changelings are a race of shape shifters that can change their form from one type of animal, to a half-form, to a human form. These creatures always share animalistic features and s similar body structures to the type of animal they can shift into. Often mistaken for lycanthotropes this race is often wrongfully executed by intolerant townsfolk. A changelingās appearance and body structure varies from their animal form. Their Average life span is 150 years.

(Starting Languages: Common, Elven, one other)

-Changeling can shift into animal form 2x daily as a free action.
-Changeling have 40ft dark vision.
-Changelings have animalistic hearing, giving them a +2 to all listen checks.
-Changeling can communicate with animals that are of the same breed as their animal form 3 times daily as a free action.

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 20, Dexterity: 21, Constitution: 20, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 21, Charisma: 18

Minimum Starting Stats: Strength: 5, Dexterity: 6, Constitution: 5, Intelligence: 5, Wisdom: 6, Charisma: 3