Angels are magical creatures created to serve the gods and goddesses of the light pantheon. After the great Demon/Angel wars, their years of servitude and loyalty to the pantheon earned them their place among the inhabitants of Orthos. The once immortal race now with a life span of 2,500 hundred year is no longer a permanent fixture in time, living out their lives like all the people of Orthos. Their large wings spring forth from their backs, like those of the great birds of prey, made for gliding and speed. These creatures came to Orthos, starting their own colonies in the various mountain ranges of Orthos. Their strength, wisdom, and kind nature were evident as their colonies quickly grew into large kingdoms that grace the mountain tops of Orthos. The dwarves, even though thinking the beautiful race of holy grace odd, quickly brought up trade lines between the two races and the cities. Their skin tones range from ivory to ebony, and there hair colors vary as well from platinum to obsidian, eye color is virtually any color known. Their height and body structures vary like that of human men and women.

(Starting Languages: Common, Celestial, One other)

-Angels can cast healing light on one target (heals d8+2hp) at a +3tht, two times a day.
-Angels can cast healing blast on all targets within 10ft (heals d10+2) at a +2tht one time daily.
-Angels have a natural 20% soak on elemental wind damage.
-Angels can cast as a free action, Holy aura. This aura is harmless however it lights a radius of light 15ft from the angel. Angels can cast this twice daily

Maximum Starting Stats: Strength: 20, Dexterity: 21, Constitution: 18, Intelligence: 20, Wisdom: 20, Charisma: 21

Minimum Starting Stats: Strength: 5, Dexterity: 6, Constitution: 3, Intelligence: 5, Wisdom: 5, Charisma: 6