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After days of sea travel, the sun rises to greet you, and shed light on the strip of land in the distance. Bordering the expanse of endless blue is a welcome friend, dry earth, just a few hours away. Your weariness seems to lift, and you look on hopefully to reaching the new land on the horizon.
Near midday your boat docks in the port town of Crimson Bay, in the country of Krathos, nestled on the east shores of the larger continent of Orthos. As the journey has been tiring, pushing your sea legs to the point of exhaustion, you wander off the boat in a bit of a daze. The other passengers wander off beside and behind you, all but background noise as you peer out at the splendor of the city before your eyes.
Crimson Bay seems to rise up in all its glory about you, the first glance not doing it justice, nor the point of vantage from the docks. Already visible from where you stand are the massive shadows of the city's many tall towers and great temples. You slowly come out of your daze, passing from the awe of the city and onto more practical thoughts. It would be best to secure a room in one of the city's many inns before the sky starts to darken.
You peer about your immediate surroundings; the area of the docks host to many run-down shanties inns and taverns. Even at midday the taverns especially seem to hold some life, the buzz of drunken conversation and song leaking out through the worn windows and doors along the dock. Your eyes catch on the worn sign of the inn closest to you, half falling off of its post and possessive of worn lettering spelling out "the Rusted Anchor". You shiver and turn about, casting off into the many meandering streets of the city to seek out recommendations for better lodging.
In not but a few minutes of asking the city-dwellers around you do you hear about the Dragons Inn, a reputable establishment in the heart of the city's large marketplace. The directions to the inn are not difficult to follow, and thus you set off in search of what will, or what has already become the gathering place of legends, however unbeknownst to you at moment.
Passing through the city's crowded streets and alleyways, brushing up to the mill of people around you, their conversation a mere din of noise in the background, you pause in front of the temple of Kazbin.
It is not far from the docks. However, as it tries to reach to the sky, was not difficult to spot from the ship as it approached the harbor. Fitting for the God of Justice, Kazbin's temple lies directly next to a massive courthouse, hosting marble pillars and great wooden doors. Both buildings in summation hold both a sense of foreboding and one of radiating safety, all dependant on the way the beholder's soul turns. Taking a few moments to take in the splendor and the ominous presence of the two buildings, you turn and move onwards.
Another impressive landmark reaches you before you reach the inn. You pause in front of the mage tower, leaning your head back to peer at the top until the front of it is stretched to its limit and the back is scrunched to the point of mild discomfort. You can just make out the large sculpture atop, one of a large hand grasping a glowing orb, most likely made to glow by the same arts its building held host to. It too stirs emotions within you, your body responding to its tall and also ominous presence, and the great power that seems to swell forth from within. It takes you a few moments to pull your eyes from it, and pass on into the marketplace of Crimson Bay.
A great bustle of sights, smells, and sounds bombard your senses. Bright flashes of foreign fabrics, silks, carpets dyed wool from the north, catch your gaze before being hidden by the ever-moving crowd of people around you. The musky smell of animals, traces of sweet perfumes and bold scents of exotic spices fill your nostrils with each new breath. All the while the sighs and the sounds are changing, as conversations and the songs of street performers shift into one another to leave your ears buzzing and your heart racing with the excitement of the exotic. A flash of gold catches your eye, and a smile forming on your face, you spot your destination above the sea of people before you.
A sizeable, daresay rich building rises above the many people on the streets. Its sign sways without even a creak, well maintained, the gold dragon and lettering painted on with care and precision. You pause a moment, the very building itself speaking to your heart and your sense of adventure. Feeling almost pulled to the doors that sway with comings and goings, you weave your way through the crowd to step foot into the inn.

... At last you have found your way. Let your feet move no farther, for you have found your home. Welcome to the land of intrigue, mystery and mayhem. Welcome to Orthos...