(God of Justice, Head of the pantheon)
Kazbin has always been, even before Orthos existed. Legend has it that Kazbin created all the lands by one of his whims. He is leader of the Pantheon, and appointed all the gods as they deemed themselves worthy to represent their respective domains, proven by deeds within their mortal lives. He is the God of Justice.
Holy Symbol: The Silver Owl

(Goddess of Valor. The Defender)
Kaley served in Kazbin's personal court, she was Kazbin's first knight. The Angelic goddess led her armies with honor. She was appointed a goddess after her demise in the Battle of Hellswrath, at the gates of the ancient celestial city of. Ryozinyt. She was taken down in her mortal battle with the Demon Lord Lar.
Holy Symbol: Flaming Broadsword

(God of destruction. Chaos Lord. Demon King)
He was the general of the demon legions that waged war against the angels. He is cold, cruel, and purely evil. His wrath is only equaled by that of his consort Ryune. He wears the angelic wings of Kaley as a Trophy, taken in the Battle of Hellswrath.
Holy Symbol: Clenched, Bloodied Talon

(God of Death, Soul Herder)
Xao was a warrior that delivered death with a fierce resolve. His mortal life was filled with death, and it became his obsession. He took pride in the battle and felt as if he was doing his part within nature's balance. He was death's hand, and this fact was only intensified by the mortality of his own life. Upon his own death he was appointed to herd the lost souls. He claims those that have no place within the other God's courts. He also guides all dead to their respective realm. Not an evil god, he does not promote needless death by his followers for the mere act of killing. Revenge is acceptable as is brash anger as he often killed on the impulse of anger within his mortal life.
Holy Symbol: Black Raven perched on a Skull

(God of Love, the Lover)
He was the fairest of all elven men. His voice was much like smooth silk; his gaze intensified his godly looks. He is a kind and caring god. His compassion is only matched by his sincere good nature. He was a priest of Kaley before he was taken into the pantheon.
Holy Symbol:Embraced Lovers

(Goddess of Magic, Mistress Magic)
Tierra was born from the blood of Lar and Kaley. She was the first known human, and the magic weave was born with her. She founded Crimson Bay, and was destined to serve upon the pantheon. She is still very close to her dear friend Vala.
Holy Symbol:Open Spellbook

(Goddess of Beauty, The Morning Star)
Vala was a beautiful elf; she befriended Tierra and they proved inseparable. She was a great mage, and by far the most beautiful mortal to ever walk Orthos. She created the Nymphs and Satyrs. She was the embodiment of true beauty, so was a natural choice for Orthos' pantheon. She is to this day Tierra's best friend.
Holy Symbol:Unicorn in Full Gallop

(Goddess of Fate, The Eye)
Desdemona has always been a seer. Her insight was noted when she was a mysterious witch on a secret island off the coast of Krathos. Little is known of her, yet she knows most everything. She sees all before it happens, and she acts as the chronicler of the pantheon.
Holy Symbol:Open Eye

(God of Wanderlust, The Lost Rogue)
Patrig was a clever thief; his feats were bold and often foolish. He stole a winged chariot (From Kazbin!) and never could get the damned thing to stop, until Kazbin intervened. He is patron to most thieves, and those that share his love for travel. He's stuck on his Chariot till this day.
Holy Symbol:Winged Chariot

(God of Wisdom, the Eternal Sage)
Orchize was a great sage; his wisdom rivaled that of Kazbin. He ran a great Library on a distant Island west of Crimson Bay. He has read every book written, and is patron to most scribes.
Holy Symbol:Unrolled Scroll

(Goddess of Nature, the Mother)
Mershi lived her life devoted to nature; she cared for every creature within her wood. She is the essence of all that is nature. Her heart lies with every creature, and every sprout. She governs the woods, and all natural terrains.
Holy Symbol:Ancient Oak

(Goddess of Pain, Misery)
Ryune was a dark elf in league with Lar. Her dark heart is full of malice. Her glowing red eyes breathe her hate and contempt. She is the patron goddess of the dark elves. In Dark elf society to speak of another God or Goddess is considered blasphemy and results in pain and death. Her largest following is within the dark walls of Xenzarcea.
Holy Symbol:Ten Headed Snake Whip

(Goddess of the Sea)
Avolonia is an Avatar appointed by Mershi to rule over all the waters of the world. She is everything that the ocean is, both evil and good, chaotic and calm. Followers of Avolonia believe the ocean gave life and will one day come to reclaim it.
Holy Symbol:Water Phoenix