1. The Sun- Gain 5000 Experience
2. The Blind Man. - Permanent Blindess. Can only be removed by a Wish or a Miracle Spell.
3. Death- Instantly all levels fall to one.
4. The Seven Scribes-Instantly gain 2 talents points. (Can pick from ALL pools)
5. The Rogue- Instantly lose Greatest Magic Item.
6. The Hair of the Bear- Lycanthropcy as Can only be removed by a Wish or Miracle Spell. (were bear)
7. Ace of Flames - Gain 500,000 platnuim pieces.
8. Winged Helmswoman- Permantly gain wings if you do not have them, Permantly loose wings if you do have them. Canot be undone, save for a wish or miracle spell.
9 The Jester. - Permanently lose 2 Talent Points.
10. Fire Joker-Gain instantly 5000 exp and you MUST draw another card.
11. The Moon - Gain 1d4 Wish Spells.
12. The Fool-Lose 5000 Experience.
13 The Idiot- Perm. 1d4 Intellegence Drain.
14. The Wizard.- Immediatly all stats are increased by a +1.
15 The Selfless heart of Zattarrieta- Instantly gain Great Wonderous Item.
16. Ace of Frost - Loose all wealth and lands owned.
17. The Condemned Man- Permanent -1 to all rolls.
18. The Gambler - Recieve minor magical item.
19.The Mirror Image - Instant Alignment change. (Total opposite of what char is now. Neutral will roll a % for good vs. evil. True Neutrals will roll 2 percentiles for chaotic vs. Lawful and good vs. evil)
20. Ice Joker. Instantly lose 5000 exp and you MUST draw another card.