by: DMystress

1. You Lucky Son of a bitch. Perm +2 Luck Check.
2. Alektorophobia- Fear of chickens
3. Pneumatiphobia- Fear of spirits
4. Epilepsy
5. Gold Dermatitis (Allergic to gold)
6. Aichmophobia-Fear of Sharp Objects
7. Colorblindness
8. Permently smells like Cinnimon
9. Doromania-Obsession with giving gifts
10. Opiomania-Craving for opium
11. Hematophobia-Fear of blood
12. Chronic Hayfever
13. Iron Dermatitis (Allergic to Iron)
14. Plutomania-Mania for money
15. Selenophobia-Fear of the moon
16. Pedophobia-Fear of Children
17. Anthomania-Obsession with Flowers
18. Catoptrophobia-Fear of mirrors
19. Silver Dermititis (Allergic to Silver)
20. Hypomania-Minor Mania
21. Kleptomania-Irrational Predilection for Stealing
22. Verminophobia-Fear of germs
23. Allergic to Dust
24. Always speaks in a hushed tone
25. Ice Shard: Can cast an Ice Shard at an opponent for d6+2 damage. This can be cast 3 times daily, at 2 casts per round. The tht is +5 and mages/necros spell tht does not apply to this, nor does a natural + to spell tht. The save for this is evade. Range: 15ft.
26. Permenatly smell like Lilacs
27. Dementophobia-Fear of insanity
28. Speech Impediment: Slight Lisp
29. Porphyrophobia- Fear of the color purple
30. Allergic to Alcohol
31. Orchidomania-Abnormal Obsession with Orchids
32. Manically giggle everytime the word "Help" is uttered
33. Hobophobia- Fear of bums or beggars
34. Tourettes Syndrome
35. Eosophobia- Fear of dawn or daylight
36. Sophomania-Delusion that one is incredibly intelligent
37. Thanatomania-Belief that one has been affected by death magic, and resulting illness
38. Xanthophobia-Fear of the color yellow
39. Scotophobia-Fear of darkness
40. Allergic to Red Meat
41. Clumsiness: Perm -1 to Dex Stat and all applicaple mods. (does not affect Class)
42. Weakness: Perm -1 to Str Stat and all aplicaple mods (does not affect Class)
43. Ablutophobia-Fear of washing or bathing
44. Claustrophobia-Fear of confined spaces
45. Stupidity: Perm -1 to Intell Stat and all applicaple mods. (does not affect Class)
46. Etheromania-Craving for ether
47. Sicklyness: Perm -1 to Con Stat and all applicaple mods. (does not affect Class)
48. Witless: Perm -1 to Wisdom Stat and all applicaple mods. (does not affect Class)
49. Repulsive: Perm -1 to Charisma Stat and all apllicaple mods. (does not affect Class)
50. You Lucky Bastard: Perm +1 to any stat