(Must be of Neutral alignment)
(Exclusive Class)

The Way of the Samurai is not merely an art of combat but a way of life. The Samurai values honor above all else, and in some cases is inclined to take their own life if they are shamed. Perhaps some of the greatest warriors to exist, the Samurai restricts themselves to two different blades (Katana, Wakizashi) and a bow of their choosing. The Samurai always seeks a balance in life, neither straying towards good or evil too much ö but walking the thin and difficult line of balance. To die outside of combat or outside of a natural death by old age is considered dishonorable. If the Samurai is resurrected from this death, they feel a great shame deep within and may try to take their own life. However if they do not, this shame carries over to their skill in battle ö nullifying all bonuses to ThT and Damage and adding a -3 to all rolls until a Priest redeems their soul(level 10 Priest).

Horseback Riding, Mounted Combat, Momentum.

Level 1: Dire Need: If ever the Samurai's HP drops below 10% of their Max, their resolve to continue the fight increases and they enter into frenzy, fighting til their last breath that they may die honorably. In this state, they gain one extra attack, +2 ThT, and their Crit Range extends to 27-30 until healed or battle ends. Also, the Samurai picks up the ability of Momentum. (See Below)
Level 3: The Samurai specializes in one Bow, and the Wakizashi. Giving them +2 ThT and +2 Dmg to the weapons.
Level 5: The Samurai specializes in the Katana, granting the warrior a +2 ThT and +2 Dmg.
Level 7: Battle Focus: Once per day, the Samurai may expend a turn to Focus his being and prepare himself for battle. The Samurai is granted +3 ThT and +3 Damage for the duration of battle, stackable upon other Samurai Skills.
Level 9: Way of the Blade: Samurai's are Master's of close quarters combat. When draw into melee combat with their opponents, they find their movements precise and swift - aiding their evasion. +2 Defense vs Melee. As well they can ready their blade at a moment's notice, giving them a -2 to Init.
Level 10: The Samurai may venture out in search of a Legendary Armor smith. Upon finding the man, he will offer them guidance to the location of a specialized suit of armor. Obtaining such a suit often comes with either a sacrifice, or task to retrieve the armor in itself - much like a Knight to his holy blade. (Armor must distributed on an HGM or Approved DM/GM's quest.)
Level 13: The Samurai can Master one of his three blades, or the bow of choice. Mastery improves the Crit Hit range to 27-30 and grants +3 ThT and +5 Damage atop of that, non stackable with the specialization.
Level 15: Whirlwind: With this skill, the winds seem to shift and bend to the Samuraiās bidding ö throwing itās brunt behind the strikes and quickening the Samuraiās blade. The Samurai gains an extra 3 attacks per round, for d3 rounds. However, after the rounds expire they are exhausted for an equal number of rounds as the skill lasted, meaning they cannot attack and suffer a -10 to evade. May only be called upon once per day, less the body of the Samurai gives out on them.
Level 17: The Samurai takes his second Mastery, either in a blade or his bow of choice. Mastery improves the Crit Hit range to 27-30 and grants +3 ThT and +5 Damage atop that, non stackable with specialization.
Level 20: The Samurai perfect the Art of Zantetsu. This is a single charged strike, in which they expend a turn focusing themselves, then lash forward in a blur of a movement - delivering a single strike that causes instant death. (Rolled on a d100 with a base of 25% Success Rate. For every Wis Modifier, another 10% is added with a cap of 85. However, some greater creatures are immune to such a strike ö such as Dragons. Another d100 is then rolled, on a roll of 1-24, the tagrte loses 25% of remaining HP, 25-70 the target loses 50% of remaining HP, 71-90 target loses 75%, 91-100 the target dies. (GM Discretion ö PCās save at 25% on a d100, while the GM/DM determines percentage for NPCās)
Momentum: In battle, every death the Samurai, themselves, cause grants them new strength for the battle. In defeating one enemy (striking the final blow), they become more accurate and deadly with their strikes, gaining +2 ThT and +2 Dmg until the end of the battle for every kill to the cap(based on their level).

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