(Exclusive class)
(Race restrictions Cannot be Orc, Orge, Doppelganger, Dwarf, or Demon)
(Must be Lawful Good, Chaotic Good, Good Neutral, or True Neutral)

The ranger is for the most part a very reclusive warrior that has specialized in the ways of defending and holding the balance of nature. They tend to hate big cities and try to avoid them at nearly any cost, but often have to visit them more from need than desire. The warriors dedicate their lives making sure the harmony within nature is kept and despise the evil races that seek to abuse and disrupt this delicate balance. Usually a Ranger has encountered one in particular race that drove them to be nature‚s champion, seeing this usually is what pushes a ranger to become what he is. The path of the ranger is one of isolation, a path walked alone. Seeing there is no one that knows how to survive in the forest, nor knows its mysteries better, rangers are ideal for guides, scouts, and trackers for parties.

Natural Abilities- Rangers have the natural inherent ability to be able to track in the forests, or any natural surroundings they have been in before. (Wisdom check). Rangers can also blend into their natural surroundings, and walk silently through the outdoors. (dex check) and tell the difference between poisonous and helpful plants (wis check) Rangers learn two handed fighting, this allows them an extra attack ,+2 Defense, however they cannot use their shields.
Level 1: The ranger gets to pick one mortal foe ,+3 on all rolls pertaining this creature (can be a race, a guild, a society). They are also immune to disease, and curses.
Level 3: Rangers get the ability to walk untrackable, without leaving tracks. This makes anyone who attempts to track the ranger roll at -5 to wis check
Level 5: A Ranger takes their first specialization in the weapon of their choice +2 tht, +2 dmg(They only get 3)
Level 7: Rangers get the ability to call on the wraith of nature. This gives all members of the party a +3 ThT +3 evade. This can only be used once a day, yet it last duration of a battle.
Level 10: The Ranger can Duel class as a druid at this Level(optional)The Ranger also gets a danger sense, which is an uncanny awareness of their surroundings, able to detect traps or ambushes. (At GM's discretion) They can also take their second weapons specialization at this level.
Level 13: May choose another mortal foe
Level 15: Rangers receive no penalty for wearing light, light medium, or medium armor. They also take a final specialization in a weapon at this level.
Level 20: Rangers can call upon the goddess of nature, when they feel they are truly in danger of loosing their life, or the balance of nature is about to be majorly disrupted, bringing her wraith down upon the foes (20d10, only to be used when Nature or the ranger is in jeopardy, abuse will cause the ranger to be stripped of The goddess‚ blessing)