The priest and priestess of Orthos are dedicated followers of their chosen patron. They are the servants of the church. Toiling for the graces, blessings, and good favor of their chosen deity. These people serve with unbridled faith. Their life is one of educating those ignorant to the god's teaching. Their prayer book is close at hand so their path is not forgotten. The symbol of the goddess is proudly displayed, the goddess' beliefs their own, their lord's wishes they will see through at any cost.

Priest Spheres Of Influence
(Determined by God and Alignment)

Priests in the realm of Orthos rely on a magic that is a gift from their god. Each God or Goddess bestows upon their faithful, certain magical powers that aid them in combat or just every day life.

Any good aligned priests can turn undead, cast as a prayer with an additional +1 tht (Range 20ft cone)
Any evil aligned priest can rebuke undead, cast as a prayer with an additional +1tht (Range 20ft cone)
True Neutral, Lawful Neutral or Chaotic Neutral can choose if they turn or rebuke undead, they can only choose one or the other for their character, and cannot change back and forth as they see fit.

Healing Sphere

(All Priests)
all priests have access to this Sphere, allowing them to heal friends, loved ones, or those that are faithful. Unless specified, healing spells have no effects on undead, including Lycanthropes or Vampires. Spells from this sphere are not subject to any armor penalties.
Level 1: Priests are granted Cure Small wounds, curing 1d6+1 (per 2 levels, 3rd level is 1d6+2, so one cannot go above +4) Level one priests of this sphere can also Bless/Purify water (20ft circle) (Holy water attacks are ranged 30ft doing d6 damage, or 2d6 damage to all undead); Sense Magic (60ft circle); Detect Poison (30 ft Sphere); Detoxify Wounds (one target per round);
Minor Blessings: gives one subject per 2 levels of priest 5 extra hp for d6 rounds.
Level 5 priests are granted Cure Medium Wounds, curing 2d8+1 (per 2 levels, 7th level is 2d8+2 cannot go above +4)
Level 8: priests are granted Cure Heavy Wounds, curing 3d10+1 (per 2 levels 10th level is 3d10+2 and so on). They also have the ability to cure diseases, remove scars, and cure mental illnesses.
Level 10: priests have the ability to Regenerate lost limbs, they also get the ability to Resurrect fallen warriors. (Body with a head and heart required). Priests at this level can also redeem a characters soul, washing away their sins. (Examples, fallen knight, a druid that is cast out for crimes against nature) Priests at this level also get 'Divine Freedom'. This ability allows a Priest to break a Necromantic soul bind over a character. The Necromancer makes a willpower save to resist the Priest. Necromancer must be lower level then the Priest attempting to break the bind.
Level 15: Priests can cure Vampirism and Lycanthropy; this is a very taxing ritual that requires one full day of meditation and two days performing the rites. The cured player then spends 2 more days in suspended animation before being 100 percent cured.
Level 20: priests can call upon their god/goddess to perform a true Resurrection. This requires no body, only one item of those persons to get the spiritual imprint. This kind of resurrection requires a week of meditation, an offering to the priestās god (i.e. Vala goddess of beauty would be something beautiful like gems, The god of Justice would require setting a wrong right). The resurrected character spends one week in suspended animation before being 100 percent alive.

Note: All other sphere prayers have been moved to their own page here.

Chaos Sphere (Kaley, Patrig, Lar, Ryune)
(All saves are divine resist)
Priests from this sphere of influence have a +3 to attack, damage, and saves against characters of a lawful alignment.

War Sphere
(Kaley, Lar, Kazbin)
Priests of this Sphere have a heart for battle, giving them one extra ranged attack and one extra melee attack per turn.

Good Sphere
(Kaley, Chadice, Orchize, Vala)
Priests from this sphere of influence have a +3 to attack, damage, and saves against characters of an evil alignment.

Sphere of Death
(Xau, Ryune)
Priests of this sphere can cast all healing spells on undead creatures. They can also summon small undead minions (1d4 minion/5 levels, all minions have 20+level hp)

Empathy Sphere
(Desdemona, Chadice, Vala, Mershi)
Priests of this sphere can sense motive and alignment (rolled as a prayer). They also get an animal companion from one of the following. They get a special ability when the familiar is summoned and within 30 ft of the priest (Summon as a prayer lasts d6+every 2 levels of caster)
Feline: +2 Intel or wisdom bonus to listen checks (14hp+5 hp/2 levels of priest d6 melee scratch)
Lizards: 10% natural soak (8hp +3/2 levels of caster d4melee bite)
Birds: +2 bonus on intelligence or wisdom on spot checks (9hp+3/2 levels of caster d5 melee peck damage)
Snakes: +3 bonus to dex checks when trying to escape (11hp+4/2 levels of priest d4 poison bite)
Semi Aquatic: +10 hit points (20hp+7hp/2 levels no attack)
Rodent: +2 to luck saves (7hp+4hp/2 levels d2 nibble attack)

Knowledge Sphere
(Kazbin, Xau, Orchize)
Priest of this sphere automatically are fluent in all languages (except Druidic) Priests under the knowledge sphere can also mind speak with each other.

Elemental Sphere
(Vala, Mershi, Tierra)
Priests of this realm get a +3tht to saves against elemental attacks as well as a 15% natural soak against elemental attacks.

Law Sphere
(Kazbin, Xau, Tierra)
Priests of this sphere gain a +3 tht to attack, evade, cast, and damage against chaotic alignments they can also detect lies ((rolled as prayer))

Travel Sphere
(Mershi, Patrig, Desdemona)
Priests of this realm receive the following skills:
Move Silently; Pick Pocket; Pick Lock; Disable Device
(20% at level 1 +5% every two levels there after)

Destiny Sphere
( Chadice Desdemona)
Priests of this sphere can Scry (level 1 20% +5% every two levels) they can also sense motive and detect alignment, rolled as prayers.

Evil Sphere
(Lar, Ryune)
Priests from this sphere of influence have a +3 to attack, damage, and saves against characters of a Good alignment.

Magic Sphere
(Tierra, Orchize, Desdemona)
Priest from this sphere can detect secret doors within 50ft as a free action They can identify and transcribe magic rolled as a prayer