(Must be of a neutral alignment)

The Ninja is the master of infiltration. They are the eyes and ears of those willing enough to pay for their expertise. They pride themselves on the ability to gain information through stealth and secrecy rather than more devious means Though they are expert killers they prefer to avoid any conflict: as corpses are evidence of their presence. This path one of secrecy, as their craft is more often than not frowned upon by the general public.

1Move Silently D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1Sabotage D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1See hidden D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1 Set, find, and remove Traps D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1 Scale Surface D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1 Pick Locks D100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1Detect NoiseD100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
1Head LockAttack
3See in Dark Free Action
5DisappearD100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
7Read LipsD100 25% + Dex Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
10Forgery D100 25% + Int Mod + 5% Per 2 Levels
15Walk in Shadows/Ignore Height Free Action
Dex Bonus
18-19 +5%
20-21 +10%
22-23 +15%
24-25 +20%

Level 1: gain +5% to rolls for stealth and espionage related skills.
Level 3: The Ninja learns the art of seeing in the dark, due to the special training and skill their class requires.
Level 5: They become masters of hiding, learning how blend in with their surroundings, Seeming to disappear into walls and the like. They can fool even the best trained eyes with this ruse
Level 7: This class learns the art of hand to hand combat giving +1 ThT and +3 dmg when using hands. They also gain the ability to read lips (D30 Int, Can only understand if language being spoken is known to the ninja) ct duplicates of official documents and the like, with a few minor changes if deemed necessary of course.
Level 13: The ninja masters a single weapon and hand to hand combat, receiving a total +3tht+5,Dmg, as well as a crit range of 27-30 with the mastered weapon/hands.
Level 15: Shadow Walking and Ignore Height: The natural ability to 'jump' or travel from shadow to shadow, applying to those shadows that are 10 feet away from each other or less. In theory, a ninja should be able to jump from shadow to shadow and be practically invisible. Also the ability to ignore the height of a jump or fall, up to 15 ft. May bounce off walls to climb higher more quickly.
Level 20: The Ninja may sabotage any structure, inanimate object, or plans, utterly destroying what ever the item is. They roll at normal
Sabotage: An action which can destroy, break, or make any item, or Object unusable. It is the art of knowing how things work, and how to break them. Like pulling out a weight bearing brick from a wall would cause it to collapse; making a mark on a map or on plans to throw things off. It may be the Gm's discretion what it does, but please try to Rp out the act.
Head Lock: A headlock is the ability to sneak up and get your victim in a hold that may be used to kill or put the opponent to sleep silently. Way of death is considered breaking of neck. Person in the headlock receives no attacks until free, and no dodge. Ninja may choose to dodge an on coming attack (-2 to dodge), or move the victim of the lock in the way (Dodge at full, and Victim takes full Dmg of attack). Attacks that hit large areas are the only thing that a Ninja may take damage on if making the victim take the hit (Only takes 1/2 Dmg).(Is taken as putting person to sleep unless stated otherwise) (Roll attack to attempt, must be behind enemy. For each attack the Ninja has, must roll Con. To break free roll Str -1 for every two levels of the Ninja.)

LevelThT BonusDmg Per Round#of Failed Con Checks Resulting in Death/Sleep
17-20+610(Auto-kill/Sleep on roll of 19-20);2