(Restrictions, can duel class, except for druid
Must be Chaotic Neutral, Chaotic Evil or Lawful Evil.
Race restrictions: No Orcs, Elves, dwarves)

The necromancer, unlike a mage, uses the magic of the undead. Intelligent, wise, and often times a bit insane, the necromancer has the natural abilities to summon spirits, raise minions, and wake the dead. Their art, often frowned upon, takes a great deal of wisdom and intelligence.

Level 1: the necromancer, gets a choice of 4 necromancy spells. Also at this level, they get the natural ability to summon, or speak to, sprits of the undead
(((25%base+5%every lvl after))
Level 3: the necromancer gains 3 necromancy spells, from level 2 Necromancy spells.
Level 5: The necromancer gains the natural ability to raise minions, minions start with level one stats (plus players modifiers), Minions from this point, level with the character i.e. At level 8, the minions will be level 3. Minions however, cannot evade, or resist magic.
The number of minion is based on ((d10 minions, casted as a spell to summon, doesnât go against spells per day))
The necromancer also gets 2 more necromancy level 3 spells, and 2 other spells listed in with level 3 necromancy spells (Level 1-2 mage spells) At level 7, the Necromancer gains 4 necromancy spells from level 4 necro spells
Level 9: the necromancer gains 2 necromancy level 3 spells plus 3 other spells listed in with level 5 necro spells (Level 3 mage spells)
Level 10: the necromancer gains the natural ability to wake the dead, or revive a dead person, by calling the soul from the land of the undead back to the realm of the living, the cost for this, however, is not only the changing in alignment to the necromancers alignment, your soul becomes bound with the necromancerâs, until otherwise broken by a priest or cleric of the god of death.
Level 12: the necromancer gains 3 level 6 necro spells, and 2 other spells listed with level 6 necromancy spells (level 4 mage)
Level 15: the necromancer receives a bonus for wearing light/light medium armor. They Also gain 3 level 7 necrospells and 3 other spells from Level 7 necromancy spells.(level 5 mage) At this level, minions grow stronger, into demi minions, a character can summon up to three demi minions, who get level 7 stats (plus bonus) with evades
Level 17: the necromancer receives 3 level 8 necrospells and 3 spells other types of spells from Level 8 (level 6 mage)
Level 20: the Necromancer gains 4 level 9 necro spells and 3 spells from level 9 necrospells (level 7 mage spells) Also, demi minions gain the ability to cast level 1-3 necro spells...they also level up to level 9 stats.