Weapon Restrictions: Can only use oriental styled weapons. Cannot use ranged weapons other then throwing stars.
Armour restrictions: Robes, Cloth, leather
The Martial Artist is a master of oriental fighting techniques (especially karate) who shuns heavy weapons or armor in favor of barehanded fighting, but not limited too. The Martial Artist also shows a proclivity towards certain meditative techniques which can improve their attack power, increase their lightning reflexes, or heal their battle wounds. They have the ability to immediately counterattack against physical attacks directed at its person.

Level 1: The martial artist gets dual attack, being equally efficient with either hand. This ability gives him one extra attack. Revitalize: This ability is when a martial artist goes into a deep trance instead of sleeping. While in this state of meditation, a martial artist regains lost hit points. If left unbothered during this cycle (equal to a quest nights rest), their HP will be restored to a maximum of half of their base HP, rounded down. Example: If a character has a base HP of 35, in this state they can restore 17 lost HP.
Level 3: Kick: This is an extra attack per round that does 1d6(+STR Bonus +DEX bonus). At 5 it is 2d6. At 10 3d6. At 15 4d6. At 20 5d6. The last attack in the round will always be the kick.
Level 5: Inner Fury: The martial artist forfeits a turn to channel his inner ki to form a field of crackling energy that forms around the martial artist's form. Totally encasing his body. This energy gives the character a 20% soak, and +2 damage on all his strikes. This abilty feeds on the Martial artist's life force costing him 5 HP per round the abilty is left in use.
Level 7: Cyclone Attack: The martial artist goes into a mad flurry give him double the amount of attacks, after the flurry the martial artist cannot attack for two rounds. He is left in a state of exhausted helplessness.
Level 10: True Sight: On a successful WIS roll the martial artist can tell the alignment of a person, see their emotions, and tell if they are telling the truth. Fearless- Once per day the Monk can use this skill to resist any type of fear spell.
Level 13: Ashen Hand: This will allow the Martial Artist to punch once and powerfully. The punch will do triple their normal melee damage for an attack if landed. This punch can be evaded. If the martial artist rolls a 27-30 the target is knocked out.
Level 15: Feign Death: The martial artist now has such good control of their body, mind, and soul they can stop their heartbeat. They can use this ability once per day. Anything attacking the monk would think it dead (WIS roll -10). This ability can be used once per day.
Level 17: Final Fury: The martial artist depletes all his Ki in this stand. The Martial artists channel all his fighting force for one final attack. after this technique the Martial artist slumps over in a Coma state for d10 days. This attack does Triple dmg and triple the Martial Artist's normal attacks.
Level 20: Technique of the Master: The martial artists are able to hone their skills to the point of being able to execute three kicks per round instead of one.

1-32d2+2+str mod
4-62d3+3+str mod
7-92d5+5+str mod
10-122d7+7+str mod
13-162d9+9+str mod
17-192d10+10+str mod
202d12+12+str mod