Exclusive CLass

The Knight is the greatest holy warrior known to the planes of Orthos. Having dedicated their entire life to their God/dess, the Knight in effectively has made the being his complete master. Some Knights are built off of a code of Justice, or with a hope that through their service to their God, the plane of Orthos can be brought to peace. Some Knights are of dark descent, favoring the darkest Gods Orthos has ever seen. Others walk the thin line of neutrality. But no matter what side of the proverbial fence, these warriors are the elite.

Note: This class is not for everyone, ESPECIALLY newcomers to the world of Orthos. While we will not restrict you from playing the Knight class if you so choose, it is RECOMENDED that you pick a different class until you are able to learn the game more fluently.

Level 1: Knights at level one are immune to all disease, curse, and poisons.
Level 3: Stamina of the Couragous- Knights, due to the courage shown thus far under the service of a god can make all stat checks with a implied + 1 bonus on all stat checks.
Level 5: Knights at level five can call unto their patron god, asking for their lords to bestow upon their champion their bonded mount. (This will be awarded by a GM on a quest or other even) The mount will be no typical mount: special with a high intelligence and a spiritual bond with their owner.
Level 6: Knights recieve the Zeal of a God. This ability allows the knight to borrow of smidge of thier gods power, granting them a +2 to damage.
Level 7: Knights at level 7 gain the ability to call on faith. This can bestow the paladin and target party members a +3ThT, +3Dmg, lasts for the duration of the battle, and can only be used once a day, or quest day.
Level 8: Mounted Combat: Knights recieve a +1tht and +2 to damage when fighting on thier bonded mount.
Level 10: Knights at level 10 can pray to their patron deity to guide them to their holy sword. This blade made from the strongest magic in Orthos will be special according to the Knight and his service within the order. The sword will have three unique abilities, and all holy swords will be +5ThT and dmg.(This sword must be given by a head GM on event or quest) This swords critical range is also 27 and 28 for soakable double damage and 29 and 30 for non soakable double damage. Also at Level 10 the knights are promoted to Paladin or Dragoon.
Level 13: Dragoons at Level 13 gain the 'Jump Attack' skill. With this ability, they forfeit one turn and leap high into the air, taking them from range of melee dmg. They then drop down with the aid of gravity, thrusting their blade into their foe for double damage, if a successful hit. Save at Half Evade, as the strike is so quick. Paladins at Level 13 gain Strength of the Faithful: For the faith and service that a knight has shown to thier patron god, this god grants them a small bit of thier strength, this gives the knight a +3 to all magical saves (will, D/R, and luck)
Level 14: Dragoons learn advanced mounted combant, granting them a total of a +3 tht +6 damage when fighting melee on thier bonded mount.Paladins by now have learn to focus thier clerical magics as well as they have thier swords, granting them a extra +3 to damage, duration, and healing of all clerical spells.
Level 15: Dragoons gain a +2 Defense Bonus for wearing Dragon Scale Armor(Body Armor only) Paladins by now have become so focused and dedicated to blending thier clerical skills with thier combat skills, they literally can 'dodge' a spell, granting them an additional +2 to all divine resist, willpower, and luck saves.
Level 17: Dragoons and Paladins both recieve a natural 50% soak against all elemental damage.
Level 20:Dragoons who have served thier gods faithfully are awarded a bonded Great Wyrm. Paladins who have served thier gods faithfully are trusted with a trait or minor ability of the god they serve.