Cannot use any armor except for hides, leathers and dragon scales. Must be made from a once living creature.

The Hunter: second to none in the arts of tracking. Their ability to hunt down their prey has made them the ideal choice for hunting wanted men. At a glimpse, the hunter can find the trail of even the cleverest. Enjoying the challenge of an extreme hunt, a hunter can track in the most extreme conditions, tracks that date back days, even weeks. Hunters, in time, can tell the size of the target, and the age of the track, just by the impression of it. So, in Orthos, if a hunter is on your trail, consider yourself caught.

Level 1: Track: Unlike the ranger, the hunters‚ ability to track is rolled on a wisdom +5 check. If successful, the hunter can find the trail and continue to follow.
Level 2: Favored Prey: Like the ranger, the hunter can gain a specialized taste for a certain prey. They get +2 to ALL rolls involving this prey.
Level 4: Quickness: When chasing prey, the hunter moves twice his normal speed, bolting like lightning and bringing down their prey with near pernatural speed.
Level 6: Identify Track: The Hunter can tell the age of a track, the height and weight of the creature who made it, what sort of creature made it, etc.
Level 8: Pursuit: While on the hunt, the hunter does not need to eat, or sleep. They may run for as long as it takes, driven on by their pursuit of their target.
Level 10: Cover Trail: This ability makes it near impossible to track the hunter. Other hunters who attempt to track the hunter after he covers his trail roll at -5, rangers at -25%.
Level 12: Living Armor: The hunters‚ armor gains an additional 15% soak, and they no longer incur penalties to their checks for armor.
Level 15: Scent the Prey: At this level, the hunter, if they have a personal item that carries the scent of the target, the target can no longer hide from the hunters` honed senses. No form of hiding, invisibility, or disguise will work. The hunter will ALWAYS know when the target is near.
Level 17: Favored Prey: Second chosen prey.
Level 20: No Place to Hide: If the hunter has a personal possession of his prey, the hunter is always aware of his prey‚s location on Orthos. There is virtually no place to hide.