(Cannot be any Lawful Alignment)

Rover, nomad, wanderer, liar, cheat, thief, these are some of the names of the people known as gypsies. A nomadic people, they often do not stay in one place long. usually they travel in groups, more closely knit than family. They do not consider themselves criminals, they merely do what they must to live. Occasionally you will find a lone gypsy who has decided to make a way for himself amongst society. Alone or in a group, they always live by their personal code, whatever that may be. They are a diverse people, and have diverse skills. They are restricted to one-handed weapons, and usually travel light, wearing armor no heavier than chain, though sometimes this will differ.

Level 1: Con: A gypsy can con any NPC and some PCs of their money. Whether through fortune telling, removal of curse, love potions, or whatever other tricky means the Gypsy devises. These cons usually are not real magic but may be combined with it if the Gypsy has such an ability. To make a con, the gypsy rolls using their Charisma bonus as the affecting stat. The opposite player must use their charisma bonus to resist. A GM must be present for a con to work, and the amount of money conned is set by the Gypsy and up to GM discretion
Level 3:Gypsy Magic: A gypsy may create illusions, charm, heal, and even harm. The Gypsy does not work off of any magic lists, instead he works by tradition and intuition, using his Charisma bonus as the affecting stat in his Magic. He never really heals or harms but tricks the targets mind, including his, into doing it for him. While gypsy magic is always up to the discretion of a GM, The basic way the magic works is as follows:

3-4 d5
5-6 d8
7-8 d10
9-10 d12
11-12 d14
13-14 d16
15+ d20

Illusion: Levels: 3-4 May create an image, unmoving, with no sound smell, or other sensory input. If a person tries, they will be able to pass right through it. 5-6 May create Any simple sensory input in combination with an image as above. (i.e. a single smell, single sound, etc) 7-8 May make any object, including him, invisible. However, the object or target becomes visible as soon as it moves in any fashion. 9-10 May create any image, in combination with complex sensory input such as speech, smell, etc. and simple movement such as blinking, hand gestures, etc. 11-12 May move while invis, or target may move. However, becomes visible if any hostile action is taken. 13-14 May create a nearly perfect illusion, sound sight smell etc...however the illusion is still ethereal to the touch. 15+ Has mastered the art of illusion, may create the perfect illusion, and even to the point where he tricks a subject into believing it is real to the touch. May make up to three attacks while invisible (GM discretion)

Level 5: Curse of Sloth: This ancient Gypsy curse is passed down through the families. It causes the target(s) to become slower, less intelligent, and weaker. All stat bonuses are reduce by 3 at level 5, 5 at level 10, 7 at level 15, and 10 at level 20. Effectively lowering the targets ThT, Resistance, Defense, etc. May only be used 1 time per day and at GM discretion.
Level 7: Hand of Fate: 1 time per day a gypsy may call on fate or whatever the powers that be. In doing so he may call for a reroll of the roll affecting any action (GM discretion). The Gypsy must accept the new roll, for better or for worse, as fate is an unpredictable master.
Level 10: Lucky: 3 times per quest or duel a gypsy may lower any damage taken that round for a single target, including himself. (Gm discretion) Or he may use his luck in another way, such as finding a hidden door/path, discovering what should be done next, etc. (Gm discretion).
Level 13: Curse of Daggers (Curse of a Thousand Pains): The Gypsy may curse his enemy, inflicting pain throughout the targets body, causing 2d10 points of damage per round until death, or until the curse is removed via the gypsy/cleric/priest of equal level or some other magical intervention.
Level 15: May use Hand Of Fate 3 times per day, and may use Lucky 3 times per quest or duel.
Level 20: A Gypsy may point at his target and order their mind to die, effectively killing their target. This must be rolled on a d100. The gypsy`s CHA bonus is added to the roll. On a roll of 50-79 target loses 25% of remaining HP, 80-94 target loses 50% hp, 95-100 the target dies, unless a save is made, in which case 75% of the targets HP are lost. (GM discretion).