Fighters can be found anywhere. From the merchantās bodyguards to the brigands on the roadside, fighters come in a large variety of professions, but they all have one thing in common: they love a fight. They know how to use a weapon better then any other person, getting away with using any weapon they can get their hands on.

Level 2: They may begin the process of Weapon Specialization: A fighter becomes skilled in a weapon, giving them a +2 tht to hit and a +2 to damage. They start with a specialization with one melee weapon and gain specialization every five levels.
Level 4: A fighter is educated in the weakness and immunities of his opponents. An intelligence roll will reveal any weaknesses an opponent has (For example a fighter would know a vampire takes double damage to holy magic on a successful Intel roll).
Level 8: A fighter becomes the master of readying his weapons at a moments notice. This gives the fighter a +5 to initiative. A fighter can also specialize an armor. This takes away the evade penalty.
Level 10: A fighter becomes skilled in the use of shields. They learn to hit around the bulk of the metal. Their penalty to hit decreases by half (rounded down).
Level 12: A fighter may specialize in one ranged attack weapon. They get a +2 tht and a +4 to damage. They cannot master the ranged weapon however.
Level 13: Quick Footed: A fighter can use his experience from past battles to more effectively dodge his opponent. He can either reroll a failed evade or dodge a critical hit. This Skill can be used two times per spar or battle.
Level 15:Improved weapon specialization. A fighter can pick two weapons he specialized in to master.. Mastered weapons gain a total of +3tht +5,Dmg, The critical hit range is 27-30 with the mastered weapon.
Level 17: Single Strike: With this skill, the fighter can hit with all his might once. It is like a normal attack, only doing more damage. With this skill, the fight puts all of his might into one strike, causing damage to be multiplied in that one hit by how many times he can attack. Even if it is a crit fail, this wears him out to where he cannot attack for the next 2 rounds.
Level 20:Flurry of steel. Once a day or quest day the fighter can unleash a blur of steel, as he pushes his body to beyond its normal capacities. His movements are a whirl of chaos. Double the melee attacks with a mastered weapon when using this ability.