(Cannot Duel Class with Necromancer)

The druids are the protectors of the forest, a class that does not follow the goddess so directly as the priests, rather respects all of nature. They are almost the counterpart to the rangers, the magical counterpart to the fighters of the wood. Druids use ingredients from the woods they cherish, and take knowledge from the nature around them to cast spells and perform certain skills. Druids are generally of a good alignment, however, may also be of any neutral alignment.

Druids can walk through natural forests without summoning any feelings but neutrality from the animals and plants.
Druids can walk without being detected through the forests (Free action, no roll necessary), and also receive a +3 when attempting to hide in the woods. (Dex Check +3)
Druids, like priests, may perform marriage or bonding ceremonies.

Level 1:Druids can speak naturally to animals and plants, but not truly by talking. This is by knowing feelings and images, but they will only know this as such until level 5, when they begin to put words to the feelings and images.(rolled as a spell,+tht applies) Druids may choose 4 first lvl Druid prayers.
Level 2: Druids may heal other characters. This requires the druid take a fraction of the pain (appropriate to the type) into themselves to cure the entire wound. This means druids may heal fencers and undead, but also means there is a penalty. Druids at level 2 absorb 50% of the damage done for all of it to heal. (Rolled on a d60, where you need to get under your combined CON and WIS. For example, if you have 14 con and 16 WIS, you`d need to get below 30 on a d60. Items and Talents apply)
Level 3:Druids can bond an animal companion. At this point (to DM`s discretion) the druid gains some of the abilities of their bonded animal, and the animal gains the intelligence of a small child. This intelligence grows as time passes as long as the bond remains.Druids at level 3 gain 5 level 2 druid spells.
Level 5: Druids gain 6 level 3 druid spells. As well, at level 5, Druids can fully hear thoughts, see images, and sense feelings from forest spirits, plants and animals at a prayer roll. Druids now only need to absorb 45% of the damage from a wound to heal it completely.
Level 7: Druids gain 4 level 4 druid spells. As well, at level 7, the druid may choose a form that they may shift into at will. This is rolled as a druid prayer. This form must also be reasonably within the druid`s size and body weight. Druids at this level cannot shrink into the size of a small animal (like a mouse).
Level 8: Druids need only absorb 35% of the damage from a wound to heal it completely.
Level 9: Druids gain 6 level 5 druid spells. Druids at this level may also communicate fully with animals, forest spirits and plants (Still rolled as a prayer).
Level 12: Druids gain 5 level 6 druid spells. Druids at level 12 also gain the gift of foresight. Druids may, once per quest, predict the future in a sense. By studying the stars and falling into a trance state, druids may catch a glimpse of images in the future. Druids may also use this once per month in battle, giving a +2 to all rolls. At level 12, druids need only absorb 20% of the damage from a wound to heal it completely.
Level 14: Druids may perform a resurrection. For this the body is needed intact, and cannot be older than two days unless somehow preserved by cold or other means. Druids, due to their empathic nature also experience the feelings of the person at death, and may experience a brief flashback at the time of resurrection.
Level 15: Druids gain 6 level 7 druid spells. Druids at this level also no longer need to roll in order to communicate with the inhabitants of the forest. Druids at level 15 may also choose a second form to shift into (still rolled as a prayer) of any size. Druids need only absorb 5% of the damage from a wound to heal it completely.
Level 17: Druids gain 7 level 8 druid spells.
Level 20: Druids gain 8 level 9 druid spells.
Cry of the planet: in a reversal of roles the planet uses the druid as a medium. In the harshest of situations, the druid can burn their magicks out by channeling through themselves, as much raw natural energy as they are both physically, and mentally able to take. Though this renders the druid unconscious for it`s duration, it restores all life, and energy to the party, and renders them invulnerable for d(wis bonus) rounds. In calling on this ability, the druid is seen to be enveloped by a stream of glowing green nature magick, which explodes out from them in a wave of azure flame, restoring all allies as it passes them by.