(Class Disadvantages: Cannot duel class, Can not wear better than leather armor, cannot use ranged weaponry)
(Abilities: Immune to Curses)

A Beastlord can choose a familiar that must be off the following list:
Domesticated Dog (Ex: Golden Retriever), Eagle, Falcon, Wolf, White Tiger, Hyena, Raven, Alligator, Crocodile, Badger, Gopher, Rabbit, Jack Rabbit, Snake, Lion, Kamodo Dragon, Bull, Kangaroo

"The Beastlord, widely considered to be a cousin of the Druid class, is someone who has dedicated their life to the command of the animal kingdom. Although these mythical people have minimal physical abilities of their own, the beasts they command oftentimes more then make up for this weakness. Sometimes during battle a Beast Lord will merge into his familiar - creating an entity wielding both of their powers at the same time." The Beastlord and the pet have the same HP. Any time one is hit the other suffers damage as well due to the deep spiritual bond. The pet has the exact same stats the Beastlord has. During combat only one of them has to evade, duly, only one of them can attack.

Level 1: A Beastlord can learn 4 level 1 Beastlord Spells.
Level 2: Beastlord gets a +2 innate melee damage
Level 3: Gets 5 level 2 Beastlord Spells
Level 4: Can speak to Animals at a Wis roll
Level 5: 5 level 3 spells
Level 6: Can speak telepathically with their pet
Level 7: The Beastlord gets channeling and can reroll two crit spell fails every quest or game day
Level 8: 5 level 4 spells
Level 9: Spirit Vision: Works like danger sense
Level 10: 5 level 5 spells Level 11: The Beastlord is so in tune with their pet that they can counter with a spell instead of melee if they wish
Level 12: Double damage for one round (must be called prior to roll)
Level 13: 5 level 6 spells
Level 14: Spiritual Wisdom, the Beastlord makes all wis checks at 28
Level 15: 5 level 7 spells. The Beastlord may write their own spells (2 per spell level, must be GM approved)
Level 16: Protective Spirit. This lasts one round and must be called prior to the enemies roll that round: The beastlord and pet take 1/2 damage.
Level 17: 5 level 8 spells and gets to write 2 more unique spells
Level 18: Hobble of Spirits- If a melee attack roll is a 15 target is at half of it`s normal movement rate.. due to tendons ripped
Level 19: 5 level 9 spells
Level 20: Frenzy of Spirit- The Beastlord`s pet will have double melee attacks. The Beastlord must roll con to see if the frenzy leaves the pet. If not, the pet will then turn on everything until it dies or everything is dead around it. The pet will not attack the Beastlord. They also get to write 2 more unique spells..