(restrictions: Orcs, Ogres, Demons can`t be bards)

The Bards of Orthos weave beautiful stories through song, dance and music. These charismatic adventurers travel the lands looking for heroes and stories to inspire their melodies. The bard is by far the most artistic of beings on Orthos` surface to create beauty with every note sang, and each cord strummed.

Start at a base 15%,+dex mod,+5% per 2 levels.

Dex Mod Table

18-19 +5%
20-21 +10%
22-23 +15%
24-25 +20%

Pick Locks; Pick Pockets; Detect Noise
Level 1 the bard gets 4 level 1-bard songs.
A bard can learn to play a song to inspire certain basic emotions ( for example: love, sadness, jealousy, anger, happiness) in people. This is done with a charisma check verses the targets willpower save. If the bard is successful, the target is touched with the emotion the bard was trying to convey for 1d4 rounds after the song is over.
Level 3 The bard gains 3 level 2 Bard songs
Level 5 the bard gains 4 level 3 bard songs. The bard also gains the ability to mimic voices at this level. The bard must first listen to the person they would like to mimic and make a successful intelligence check before they can mimic. A successful wisdom check with a -2 penalty would reveal that the voice was actually coming from the bard, not the person who is being mimicked
Level 7 The bard gains 5 level 4 bard songs. Bards seem to carry with them a natural ability to luck out of most trouble. This gives them a +1 to Willpower and Divine resist saves. They also have a +2 to luck saves
Level 9 The bard gains five level 5 bard songs. Bards at this level gain a second chance. On a failed evade, they can reroll using their luck save. They can do this twice per spar and battle.
Level 11 the bard gains 5 level 6 bard songs. Bards at this level can Bedazzle. When the bard plays song (rolled as a song). The listener is highly moved, and of course will want to help the Bard in any way they can, be it monetary, information, or assistance.
Level 14 The bard gains 5 level 7 songs. Bards become light-footed. This gives them an extra +2 to evade.
Level 17 The Bard gains 5 level 8 bard songs. Lady Luck: An ability that can be used two times per spar or battle. It allows the bard to either reroll up to two failed attacks or evade one critical hit.
Level 20 the bard gains 5 level 9 bard songs. Bards become so talented even the gods themselves are amazed. Moved by the song of praise the bard sings, The god will resurrect a fallen companion. (rolled as a song, if failed it cannot be re tried for 3 real life days)