(Restrictions: Archers can only wear light armor. Archers use their dexterity bonus instead of strength bonus when using bows.)

The archer of Orthos is a warrior that sends death raining down on his foes with each notched arrow. Their bowstrings sing out, as they let fly volley after volley of sharp-tipped arrows. Their pinpoint accuracy is recounted in song and legend. Their ability to strike from a distance makes them perhaps strategically the most difficult of all foes to defeat.

Level 2: The Archer begins the process of specializing in bows. He gains +2 tht +2 damage to the specialized weapon. The archer can then specialize a different bow every 5 levels thereafter.
Level 4: Eagle Eye: An archer, when seeing an enemy can often times fire a shot before the enemy has a chance to gather his senses. This attack is done before the initiave round. The archer can use half his attacks for this ability. Note that this ability cannot be used in spars, or if the target is out of the bowās range.
Level 8: An archer has become more familiar with the weaknesses in an opponentās armor. At this level, an archer may fire an arrow at a weak spot in the armor. If they hit, they score a +3 to damage for their hit, in which the target rolls at half of their regular soak. This ability takes all of the archerās attacks for that turn due to the concentration involved.
Level 10: The archer can specialize in any light armor, removing any evade penalty said armor possesses.
Level 12: Archers become proficient with all shields that can be used with two-handed weapons. Learning to shoot around the small shield their penalty is decreased by half. (rounded down) Archers can also "Duck" They give up half of their attacks to gain a +3 to evade for the next round. They can duck 2 times per spar or battle
Level 13: Multiple shot: Instead of firing several arrows at one target, the Archer can fire a single arrow at several targets in the same round. They can divide this up however they see fit, However they cannot fire more shots than they have attacks. They can only do this three times a day; due to the strain it puts on the archerās arm and his bow. If an archer attempts this feat more than three times in one day, their bow breaks.Archers can also specialize in one in one of the following melee weapons (daggers, knives, darts, short swords, rapiers, and clubs) They get a +2tht and a +2 to damage. They cannot master any melee weapon not included in the list above.
Level 15: Bow mastery, The archer can master two of his specialized bows. He is a dead shot. His crit range is now 27-30, The tht is increased to +3 and damage is increased to +4.
Level 17: True Shot, The archer sends a single shot towards his target. The archer breaks his string every time this technique is used and must take d4 rounds to restring his bow. If the shot is successful, the damage is multiplied by the amount of times he can attack
Level 20: Rapid fire, once a day or quest, the archer can unleash a storm of arrows, these arrows a blur as the archer lets the flurry fly, double the range attacks