(Must be of a Lawful or Neutral alignment. Cannot have a God/Goddess)

Note, this is not a fencer in the historical sense

"Its not how hard you hit, its how well and where you hit." ~Grand Master Arutha~~

The fencer is the epitome of the swordsman. These elite men and women have an unparalleled ability in the art of the blade. They use their speed and intelligence over sheer physical force, preferring to strike quickly and smartly, though they always add flash to their independent style of the fight. They tend to be on the brash side and have the feeling that they are superior to ALL other warriors. It takes years of dedicated training and study to become a fencer. Few truly make it as it is more of an art form, and a belief than a means to survival. They are also natural acrobats capable of completing feats of movement and grace. Don`t be fooled by the lack of physical strength and smaller stature of these people, as this mistake has been the death of many a person. They have an extreme honor code, though each is personal and may at times be skewed. One last fault of this profession, they believe that there are gods, and those they have power, but they worship their own mortal skill and have gained the disdain of the gods.

Gain a +1 to all movement and acrobatic rolls (dex)
-1 init (Plus whatever other bonus may apply)
+1 dmg to all attacks with bladed weapons
The Fencer cannot Dual Class until level 13 where he can only take a single secondary class, use shields, wear above a medium armor or use non bladed weapons without severe penalties.(lose all tht and dmg bonuses with an additional -3 tht and -1d2 dmg)Also they receive no bonuses/penalties for blessings/curses and cannot be healed by prayer being as they hold no gods above there own skill.
Level 3: The Fencer as a natural acrobat gains the ignore height ability (up to 10ft per jump/bounce) and may bounce off surfaces to get to final destination or attacks they also take 1/2 dmg from falls of over 20ft and no dmg for falls under 20 ft.
Level 4: they gain may specialize in one bladed weapon of choice or hand to hand giving a +1 ThT and +3 dmg. (may gain another specialization every third level here after, at Lv 13 May take a second specialization (Mastery) on already specialized weapons, giving a total +3 ThT and +5 dmg and a 27-30 crit hit range. Gain a final specialization at level 20.)
Level 7: They gain a + 20% soak and a +1 defend for not using a shield or wearing above Light -Medium armors.
Level 10: The Fencer may learn 5 elemental techniques. (has 10 uses total per day, gains another 5 every other level) Fire, Water, Earth, and Air do 2d6 dmg Spirit may heal 2d6 hp. These attacks follow the same rules and tht as magic.
Level 13: The Fencer may go on a journey to find a grand master of the arts. upon finding the grand master he/she must prove there worth in order to be granted the title of master fencer and a magical weapon. The weapon may be charged with elemental magics (elemental magic or technique cast on the blade) and remain charged for duration of fight. The weapon also has 2 other abilities and is unbreakable. A head GM must approve the gift of the blade. If quest fails no blade is obtained and one cannot advance further in level skill from this class. The weapon is of a type already specialized if gained
Level 16: They may re roll 1 dodge per fight at -2def.
Level 20: The Fencer is considered a Grand Master Fencer and is able to Dazzle opponents, taking 1/3 of max hps in unsoakable damage by doing so. By moving with great speed and skill they can use their remaining attacks on their opponent all at once, whirling around and the like confusing the opponent all at the same time. target defends at a -1 per 2 attacks available to fencer, if not confused dodges at normal. (rolls one attack, but does damage for all available attacks, they roll (available attacks then Dex, +cha d50 for success, if fails the Fencer becomes dizzy and cant attack for 2d2 rounds and must defend at a -3, opponent rolls int + cha d50 to become confused. Technically they can kill themselves doing this attack. i.e. if max hp is 90 and they have 30 left they have 0 when finished and there fore are dead.) (May only be used once per fight. )