Thalog Balter

Mage/Priest of Orchize*
Neutral Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 1in
103 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Int +3, Wis +3
Hit Points90Defense+4 on D30
Level15*/10Divine Resist+7 on D30
EXP26,575*/6210 (Mage Frozen)Luck+4 on D30
EXP to Next35,001/8001Willpower+7 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+6)
Prayer: (+6)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+8)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Battle Axe (D12)
Staff (D8)
2d6+3 Assassin Dagger
Gnomish Kimono with crushed dragon scales through the stitching- 65% Soak, 65% Ice Soak.
2d8+5 Staff engraved with the symbol of Orchize, stores 5 spells in staff for a free action in combat
Gnomish Rum Summoning Device
Ring of Rhiannon, A signent ring of the goddess Rhiannon with the symbol of wings embracing a blue light. (+1 regen per round)
Monocle: bonds itself with the bearer allowing them to understand all languages, however they must roll a luck to speak
Pig Leather-bound Spell Book, Ink Well, and Metal Quill
Book of gnomish inventions +1 Intel
Ruby Ring with the Iron Guardian etched into the stone. The band reads [Thae log] +5 WP +5 Luck +5 DR
Stain Removal Solution
Ring of Telekenisis: Grants the wearer the ability of Telekenmisis, up to 100 lbs. three times per day.
Glasses of Intelligence: Gives the wearer +1 to Intelligence.
4 3 story guard towers, 30' wall, 6' by 5' shop front, walk in closet, followed by a moat with a portcullis, entering through the draw bridge shows a 6' by 10' front hall, to a bathroom, a kitchen, a small closet, a 12 sq. ft. guest bed, a 12 sq. ft. Owner bed, a laboratory, and a large vault, 2 Kitchens by guard towers, 3 bathrooms by guard towers, baby room right by Thalog's bed room
Grade 1 Private Ship (Calvatta)
War Horse (30 HP, Hilas) and all supplies
Gnomish stoller for 6, uses gnomish engineering to cut pushing effort in half
Gnomish baby monitor, a series of pipes let Thalog hear the babies all over the house
Large Egg incubater
Mage robes 60% soak: Cursed Bloodlust
plane griffon feather- grants the ability to fly once a day for 30 minutes
Weapon Belt that makes it impossible for any but the owner to remove a weapon from the belt. The belt also gives +1 attack
Grade 1 War Ship, "The Lucifuge"
Grade 1 Luxary Cruiser "The Lucifer"
7,647,697 Gold
Netherland Dwarf Bunny, with an animal house, carrier, pet toys, grooming kit, vitamens, and leash
[Children's Fund]
1,200,000 for baby's houses and care from Dalador.
'pouch containing 8 valuble gems' (8k)
Gold coin that has a picture of Her Winking on one side and a Dragon on the other.
A small Lance trophy made of steel
Tattoo of the crest that fades within 2 days of getting it,to be placed on the right biscep. This allows telepathic communication within memebers of Torrent. The tattoo allows the wearer to open a portal that takes 1d3 rounds to open to right outside The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay
(Languages)All Languages, exempting Druidic, Equine (secret language)
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)

Alternate Communication
Silent Casting
Greater Spell Focus: +3 Tht to the casting of all magicks.
Mental Casting
Concentration: Deeper concentration allows Magicker to cast spells despite distraction (+1 magick Tht)
Fast Cast: Mage gets one extra spell per round.
Horseback Riding
Horseback Combat
Master Engineer
Master Alchemist
Master Cook
Artisan Herbalist
[Mage Skills]
Specialization: Ice Element (+5 Tht, +5 Dmg, -1 to Willpower.)
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Mage Spells]
-Level 1-
Common Translation, Amplify, Aqua Lung, Minor Illusion
-Level 2-
Identify, Elemental Grasp(earth), Elemental Fist(earth), Enlarge, and Elemental Walk(water)
-Level 3-
Celestial Wngs, Elemental Grasp (Ice), Elemental Fist (Ice), Mask of Many Faces, Magic Hut
-Level 4-
Celestial Bridge, Elemental Grasp(Fire), Elemental fist(fire), Medium Lllusion, Change Self
-Level 5-
Black Ice, Detonate, Elemental Grasp(Air), Minor Portal, Change Other
-Level 6-
Light Javeline, Blinding Blast, Frost Bite, Burning needle, Stone Melt
-Level 7-
Brain Smite, Brain Implant, Detect Surface Thought, Greater Portal, Lighten
Character Description:
Short gnome with somewhat broad facial features, always a kind mien, He wears an open black leather jacket with a red cotton shirt under it, as well as tight black leather pants and sturdy black boots. His hair is thrown back and fallen across his back. Also somewhat eccentric.
Character History:
Generally calm past, had a good family and home, He followed in his fathers footsteps and became an engineer. He studied hard and had a good education. Even as a young boy he had an amazing intrest for the latest developements of the world, including some sciences. As well as music. He learned to play the piano. (I don\'t know what time setting this is yet but I imagine it is in the past, so if it is far enough into the past the harpsichord instead) Nothing especially significant in his past. Well, of course, it depends on what you consider relevant, as apposed to a a gnomish scientist with better things to do

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