Setsuna Makoto Shinigami

Changeling (Tiger)
Martial Artist
Neutral Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 6in
145 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:(Str) +2, (Dex) +5, (Int) +1, (Wis) +1
Hit Points80Defense+8 on D30
Level13Divine Resist+4 on D30
EXP19186Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next20001Willpower+4 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+9)
Prayer: (0)
Song: (0)
Spell: (0)
Melee DMG+2
(Armor & Weapons)
Tiger Song - A 2d10+5 +5 THT Katana made from a mixture of Adamantine and Mithril with flawless craftsmanship. The Shinigami Crest upon the pommel of the sword

Serrated Assassin\'s Dagger (2d8+6 +4 THT)
Katana (d10)
Shuriken (d4)

Ninja Armor - This armor is made out of threads of Black Mithril tightly woven together giving 50% soak and +10 to Hide checks.
Weapon Belt that makes it impossible for any but the owner to remove a weapon from the belt. The belt also gives +1 attack
Pendent - A black pendent no bigger than a gold coin with smooth black Onyx set in the middle and the Shinigami crested in the middle (+2 Def, +2 THT).
Heavy Cloak (35% Soak, +1 DEF)
Ring of Sound Thought (+3 INT checks)
Medallion with an elven woman emblazoned on it (+1 WIS checks)
Setsuna\'s Heart: Given to her by two interplanar beings, this necklace is tempered into a highly detailed visage of a serpentine black dragon. However, to those whom Setsuna does not consent, it appears only as a plain necklace. (+1 STR when swimming, +1 CHA Checks)
Perm +2 Luck (Not Factored In)
93700 Gold
10 candies (+1 attack for 1d4 rounds)
Dragonfly (10 HP, can heal Sets 3 times daily for 1d6)
Vodka Summoner
Theater Badge
Wooden Tiger on wheels (allows holder to transform into a toy; 3times per day)
Tattoo of the crest that fades within 2 days of getting it, to be placed on the right bicep. This allows telepathic communication within members of Torrent. The tattoo allows the wearer to open a portal that takes 1d3 rounds to open to right outside The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay
(Languages)Common, Elven, Fae, Feline
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Improved Two-Handed Fighting: Martial Artist gets 2 extra attacks instead of one and +4 defense when using this.
Preternatural Strength: The ability to attack with preternatural strength. +2 to melee damage, +4 to all rolls concerning strength. [Strength Required]
Greater Ambidexterity: the ability to fight at a greater level with both hands. +3 to defense and one extra attack per round. [Ambidexterity required]

Master Weaponsmith
Master Leatherworker
Master Metalsmith
Journeyman Jeweler
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Character Description:
Setsuna stands at about average height for most women. Her black hair is tied behind her back at the middle, as it reaches down to the small of her back, sometimes though, she has it up in buns on either side of her hair, braided. Her eyes are a startling green color, but what is unique is that they are slitted, much like a cats' eyes would be. Her eyes are always like that, no matter what form she takes. She is olive skinned and has a black serpentine tattoo that adorns her right shoulder blade.
Character History:
Her history remains a blur to her, recalling only a fierce battle among family members. She does recall the battle clearly though, a ninja tried to kill her when she was younger during it. Fear had ripped through the young childs' body, transforming her for the first time into a tiger. She pounced onto the ninjas' leg, biting into his thigh, feeling the rush of blood erupt over her face as she bit into a major artery. The ninja howled in rage and whacked Setsuna off from his leg, hitting her squarely in the eyes with the flat of the blade. Her eyes never changed back from that point on, always the cat like eyes no matter what form she takes. She had remained near the village ruins, collecting all the child could, mementos of family and friends now gone, continuing the training she had been receiving, as a pack of tigers took care of her. Learning of a possibility of some family still alive, she has set out, determined to seek them out, to find out what had happened.

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