True Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 11in
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Str +3, Dex +2, Con +2
Hit Points32Defense+3 on D30
Level3Divine Resist+1 on D30
EXP575Luck+1 on D30
EXP to Next1001Willpower+1 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+3)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+3
(Armor & Weapons)
Broadsword (d12)
Warhammer (d12)
Heavy Shirt- 10% soak (chest, back, shoulders, upper arm, fore arm, stomach)
Heavy Pants- 10% soak (Groin, Upper leg, shins)
2100 Gold
(Languages)Common, Elven, Dwarven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Speed: The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defense, +2 to all rolls concerning speed.
Strength: The ability to attack with greater strength. +1 to melee damage +2 to all rolls concerning strength.
Apprentice Armorsmith
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Character Description:
Samuel stands at 5\'11", however he easily pushes over 200 pounds. As stout as he looks even his size as a man is dwarfed in stature by the size of his raw physical strength. Features chiselled, it\'s obviously he\'s well conditioned and trained at swinging a hammer or a sword... or perhaps both. He\'s often seen with a WarHammer strapped to his back and a broadsword to his waist. Upon the pommel of the blade rests the image if a flaming broadsword, denoting his faith.
Character History:
Not long ago a man arrived in Crimson Bay, his name simply known as Samuel.
However his story did not start here but across the vast ocean, far west from city he now calls home. It also did not start with him, but with a man and a woman he knew nothing of, and perhaps never would...
A warrior by the name of Krom united Barbarian tribes which layed scattered across the land. Spread about their strength was limited. Although battle hardened warriors their tactics, however brutal and courageous, were not well planned or organized. Together, with Krom crowned as their chief, their enemies which raided their territories would now feel the full force of their hatred. Villages once terrorized and sieged by Orcs would come together to slay their enemies, now driving them out of their own homes. Krom was ruthless to the Orcs and other foul beasts which had sacked his peoples villages for far too long.
As their General it was believed that up until his death, Krom had only lost one battle. It was in a spar to a woman named Neeva, who he fell in love with and married. She was hardened, right to the core, her soft affection reserved only for the man she loved. Believed to have been the creation of dark magic, she furthered her legend by wearing a helm with horns and a cape which looked very much like the wings of a demon when she charged into battle. If anyone struck more fear into the Barbarians enemies then Krom, it was her.
For almost an entire year it seemed Neeva had disappeared, her demonic visage never seen on the battlefield for sometime. Winter had come and gone, with Krom leading many warriors through victorious battles. In a battle of legendary proportions the Barbarian forces had squared off with a legion of Orc warriors, whose moral was exceptionally high. It wasn' until then that Neeva had re-appeared, her feared form standing upon a pillar of stone high above her comrades. The image dropped the black hearts of the Orcs deep into their bellies, while the hearts of those around her rose triumphantly as though victory was now inevitable. The Barbarians roared and cheered, smashing their weapons together. It wasn' until Neeva raised a long flail above her head that the crowed went silent. She then brought it down, pointing it towards the Orc legion. As she did thousands of Barbarians released battle cries and rushed towards their awe struck enemies. Some Orcs ran in fear, some grew so fearful that they froze, while the stout hearted of them remained to put up a fight. What once looked like a fair fight turned into a massacre. The Barbarian tribes had lost many in the battle but nothing compared to the decimation of the Orcish forces.
Returning home there was much to be celebrated. The tribes were united under Krom and his wife Neeva, who had become the center of attention. It was then that Krom shared with his comrades why Neeva had not been seen for sometime. Asking for and quickly recieving the silence of the massive crowd which gathered, he reached into a wooven cradle beside him and lifted a three month old child into the air. He quickly proclaimed that the child was his son and that his name was Kratos. That eventually he would lead them into further greatness with the combined strength of his father and his mother. A rare smile upon the face of Neeva at this moment put the crowd which had already gone wild over the edge... and the celebration continued long into the night and into the early hours of the morning.
What had not been mentioned until now were the other humans which shared this land with them far to the south west. Humans which had little to no concern with Orcs and the rest, as their Kingdom was massive and hidden behind great walls and powerful magicks. The Barbarians exploits had been reaching King Tyranus II. His father, the late King Tyranus I, was a reason the Barbarian tribes were scattered to begin with. Tyranus I felt the growing Barbarian population posed a threat to his kingdom and thus spread dis-trust and deceit through them with the help of greedy chiefs who squandered their legacy'\s for land and title. Tyranus II would now attempt to do the same thing and thus set a meeting up with the Barbarian'\s great leader, Krom...
Feeling uneasy about King Tyranus'\ sudden attention upon him and his people, Krom only agreed to meet with the King upon his own territory. It took nearly half a year to set up the meeting, but it would take place. Tyranus, accompanied by his best men would meet with Krom and offer him congratulations upon his victories. Upon offering him the title of a noble Lord as well as land and his own people, Krom declined, saying the Orcs still numbered heavy and that his place was with his people. The gentle crying of Kratos would turn the attention of Krom. King Tyranus quickly took note of Krom'\s concern for the crying child and the long process which had yet to come quickly unfolded in the King'\s mind at that moment.
The King'\s great sorcerer, Rajaat, would enter the tent later that evening... his form invisible to the eye. Krom and Neeva would wake as a portal blasted open in their room, the form of their child Kratos floating in the air. As quick upon their feet as they were, they could not reach the child in time as he and the invisible sorcerer disappeared through the portal. The portal closed behind them and their child was gone. A note had been left behind, letting the parents know that their land, title and child awaited them either at the Kingdom or in the afterlife. If they made this known to their people Tyranus promised to feast on the young ones still beating heart.
Tyranus could not afford to make an enemy out of the Barbarians, the promise of their childs life kept the entire evenings event from being shared with Krom'\s people. Krom and Neeva would travel to Tyranus'\ kingdom, packing that very moment and leaving in the middle of the night on horseback.
Upon reaching the kingdom, audience with King Tyranus was given rather quickly. Krom demanded to see his child and Tyranus had then told the two that they would only see him again upon death, that he had already journied to the afterlife. It set the two warriors into a frenzy, just as Tyranus desired. He disappeared through a door, his escape made easy as the many armed men in the hall advanced on the two warriors. Un-armed they still put up a great fight, but would not stand a chance to over a dozen armed and well trained men... they would die in that instant, but would not meet their child in the afterlife...
Tyranus did not murder the child as he had promised the child to a man who had been an ally of his family for centuries. The man was Shalot, a vampire lord, who could not have children of his own.
Shalot would re-name the child, Samuel, to hide his former identity. Many different things were done in an attempt to shatter the childs humanity, even at an early age. Shalot had many slaves, which at times would have to be punished. Samuel would be forced to watch such things. Either they would be punished with blade or whip... or would be forced to fight another punished slave to the death. At the age of 10, it would appear the attempts to break the warmth upon the childs heart were not working. During the early hours of the morning, Samuel persuaded a guard that he was to torture slaves. Rather then torture them Samuel, armed with a blade and hammer, used the tools at his disposal to release the slaves from their shackles.
Shalot would rise that evening, angered beyond belief. He could not break the child and mould him into the image he desired. So he instead forced him into slavery. Samuel would now join the ranks of the damned and serve the vampire lord until he was 18. During this time he too had felt torture and he too would have to kill another man with his bare hands in order to survive. It was at this time the relationship between King Tyranus and Shalot had soured for reasons that will be kept for another story. Like a thief in the dark Tyranus'\ men swarmed on the vampire lords haven, killing his men and killing the vampire lord in his sleep. They would free the slaves, an attempt to make Tyranus look good in the eyes of his citizens.
Tyranus would be amazed at the physical specimen which Samuel had become. He had a mix of his fathers strength and his mothers speed and grace, all in one package. Tyranus would recruit Samuel into his army. It was here that Samuel exceeded. Most men train from an early age and see much more combat then Samuel before making Captain, but at the age of 20, Samuel would become just that. He would now have his own Garrison and troops. The men quickly gave their loyalty to Samuel, who had the look and the talk of a seasoned veteran even if he wasn' .
Few great things of interest developed in Samuel'\s life for the next few years. It wasn' until a barbarian raid on a village his troop was watching that his life would take a serious alteration. His men would get beaten and he would be the last standing. Forced to his knees the leader of the raid drew his sword and approached Samuel. His intentions were to behead him, but the Barbarian moved the tip of his blade to Samuel'\s chin and told him to look him in the eyes. The man, having been his fathers best friend would notice the uncanny resemblance. He would never share Samuel'\s past with him, thinking for his own safety it'\s best to be kept secret. The conversation they had that night would not only leave no doubt in the man'\s eyes as to who Samuel was, but also persuade Samuel to leave with him. It was rather easy, Samuel had been both curious and astounded by their culture for a long time.
It was with the Barbarians that Samuel felt more at home then he ever had... and for good reason. It was also here that he learned to work with armor and grew a strong religious belief. His goddess would be Kaley, but he dedicated himself to another woman, Sadira. Life had gone well for the next three years. Samuel would marry and have a child of his own. However, upon returning home from a hunt with a few of his comrades his life would come crashing down. The village was left in ruin, everything having been burned to the ground. Having located the bodies of his wife and child it took his entire hunting party, 8 men, to stop Samuel from taking his own life. Pinned to the ground, all he could do was weep...
One of the men decided to go see about a rumor he had heared. He heared for the right price, a man could traverse the great ocean to the east and find a prosperous land. He invited Samuel to come with him and, feeling as though he had nothing to lose because he just lost it all, he took the man on his offer.
They barely had enough to get on the boat, but both offered their services. Samuel was given 300 gold for his strong arms and his friend 200. The currency would work in the new lands they were headed to. In the months to come many men lost their lives at sea to disease, including Samuel'\s friend. The Captain of the ship offered the 200 gold to Samuel... a hefty price to pay for it. The warrior was exhausted, but felt rejuvenated as he stepped into the city of Crimson Bay. His steps lead him to the Dragons Inn... where his current saga continues...
Samuel has had a difficult past but remains optimistic that things will change for him in Crimson Bay. He makes sure his past sorrows have little effect on his future, but it'\s certain that his past drives him each and every day and will eventually have a say in the out come of this story. He'\ll never admit it, but vengeance weighs heavily upon his mind. His faith in Kaley and his desire to meet his love in the afterlife is what keeps him traversed upon the thin line of the ying-yang and away from spinning into total darkness.

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