Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 8in
130 lbs
Raven Black
Iced Blue
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:(Str) +1(Int)+6, (Dex)+6
Hit Points90Defense+9 on D30
Level15/15Divine Resist+3 on D30
EXP30925/27203Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next35001/35001Willpower+10 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+12(+22 backstab))
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+11)
Melee DMG+1(+15 backstab)
(Armor & Weapons)
Black leather bandolear that summons throwing daggers at will. (2d3+5 +5 THT +10 Pain DMG)
Set of Three bladed gloved Talons +3 (3d4+3, +3ThT)
Elven War Bow +2 damage and a quiver of 25 (d12) arrows.
Shadow Kris (3d5+7/+5tht - A black blade made with Elven precision and Drelven smithing techniques so it doesn't reflect light. The hilt is adorned with 3 blood stones and a black diamond on the very bottom shaped as a spike. The black diamond slides out to open a small compartment for a vial of poison which, when filled, will inject the substance into it's victim.
Long sword d12+3 +3tht
Long sword 2d10
2 Thorn Blades+3(Med wep class)(2d8+5, +5 tht+10 poison Dmage Mystic Cobra Venom fusion technique. 70% chance of death unless Con save is made 3Xs each spells below) Greater Portal Greater Invisibilty-The hilts, custom designed by herself personally, are made from the blackest of shadow mythril. Each hilt is custom fit to Revanche's grip, rounding out at the end into a chisled blackrose. Each blackrose is adorned in the center with a black bloodstone. The crossguard of each blade are bands of twisted shadow mithril, braided together to resemble a thorned vine. Each thorn is adorned at the end with a small black diamond carved into a tiny replica of a black rose.
5 Blackened Wyrm's Bone throwing daggers(d6+3/3tht, each scribed on one side with Evil Surge [see priest prayers - Evil Sphere] one time)
Bladed Boots ( 2d6+5 +10 poison damage +5tht, +3 Luck )
Black Leather Gloves:+2 divine resist save
Cloak of the Shadows 60% soak This blackened leather cloak gives a +10 to assassin skills, a +5 tht to casting and makes the wearer immune to poisons. It also bestows a +10 to charisma's check when the wearer is bluffing.
Boots of the Shadows 10% soak. Blackened Leather Boots that are enchanted with Shadow Walk and Invisibility. Each Spell take one round to activate.
Bracers of Ambidexterity (one extra atack per round +2 defense)
Ring of Speed: Gives the wearer +1 to defense and -1 to initiative.
Pocket Safe (That holds 10,000 lbs of goods)
Ring of Battle Might: Grants +2 to accuracy and defense
Black rose ring(+5 spell T.H.T,+5 willpowersave)
Holy medalion(+2 defense)
2 Desert roses (Cure most illnesses and diseases)
Ring of Regeneration (+1 Hp restored a round)
Soul Bonded Adult Doppleganger: Lord Neo
Soul Bonded Adult Doppleganger: Drog
[Tattooing Inks]

2 vials of Sound Thought (one vial does a large tattoo)- +3 willpower
2 vials of Holy Grace - +3 divine resist
2 vials of Charismatic will +3 Luck
2 vials of Toughness +2 defense
2 Vials of Inner Strength Perm +2 strength (will mod into melee damage)
2 vials of Nibleness Pern +2 dex (will mod into tht)
2 vials of Genuis Perm +2 intell (will mod into willpower and spell tht)
1 vial of Fortitude Perm +2 Con (tattoo also grants bearer 10 perm extra hp)
2 vials of Intuition Perm +2 wis (will mod into Divine resist and prayer tht)
2 vials of Comlyness Per +2 Char (will mod into Luck and song tht)
1 Vial of FireWash - Spell Casted as a +5 tht that does 2d6+5 damage (evadeable range 30ft)
1 Vial of Ice Charge - Spell Casted as a +5tht that does 2d6+5 damage (evadeable range 30ft)
2 vials of Nimbleness +2 tht
2 vials of Trickery +10% rouge skills
2 vials of Magickers fuel +2 spell tht
Personal perfect ring
black silk gown (+5 charisma)
May be built in a house or detached. A large room (50'x 30'), and a sizable storage room (5' feet deep x 10' across) with ample shelves. Comes complete with 3 liquid storage tanks, 5 heavy stone tables for work area, and 10 smaller wooden tables. The walls are stone to prevent fire, and can have shelves built into them.
Vaults with heavy stone and metal walls can be added to the first floor or basement. The standard vault is a 20 square foot room with a heavy locked door on one wall. Can be built bigger for 1,000 gold a square foot.
Blackrose Bungalow: A three story home on a beach front lot. The manor is made of stone and rock, partially built inside a sea cliff. To get to the house, one must climb over one hundred and fifty steps to reach the entryway. Inside there are four bedrooms, including a master suite, a dining hall, ballroom, living room, study and billards room, library. The laboratory and three vaults are built fully inside the cliff, to lessen the likelyhood of accidents. Outside, it boasts an excellent ocean view from either the deck or the balconies on either floor. It includes its own bathhouse and small private beach.
Black Rose Guild House and Shoppe
Black Rose Castle
Black Rose Enterprises
7,436,069 Gold
19,000,000 in funds for the BR
A 2 foot tall Gingerbread man servent. Can not attack but can defend Hp 50 (the Gingerbread servent can be commanded to do house work or simple tasks)
Trust Fund for Sparrow- 5,000,000gold (Noted on Sparrow's Sheet as well)
2 exquisitely carved wood figures of people hung in way of execution (100gp set)
Stealth Ring - +2 to stealth checks, A gold ring shaped as a rose stem, with a blood ruby carved into the resembalence of a rose (worth 10,000g)
Ear Ring of Telepathy (Allows telepathic communication with others wearing one.)
One 4 Story Building
Wyrm's Bone Shards
Several stands of Daseth's violet hair, in a jar
Note written by Daseth in his own blood, also in a jar

3 coffins (100 K each)
Nude woman statue (100k)
Painting (30k)
Candle stick (25gp)
Gold Skull with black diamonds (70k)
Gold fountain(85k)
Devil Mask (250 k gold)
Black Diamond (400k gold value)
8 3x3 red dragon scales
(Languages)Common, Dark Elven, Common Elven, FaeSpeak
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Master Artisan
Master Jewler
Master Alchemist
Concentration: Deeper concentration allows Magicker to cast spells despite distraction (+1 magick Tht)
Speed: The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defence, +2 to all rolls concerning speed
Fast Cast: Magicker gets one extra spell per round
Quick Mind: +3 to wis and int checks
Spell Focus: +1 Tht to the casting of all magicks.
Silent Casting: Silent Casting: Magicker can cast spells without chanting, though hand gestures are still needed.
Intensify magick: Magicker gets +2 Dmg on attack magicks. +2hp on healing magicks.

Tool of the Trade Shadow Kris
[Racial Abilities]
Chosen Forms: Dopplegangers have 3 chosen forms. They can be any race, however they do not pick up the racial abilities of the race. Dopplegangers can shift freely between chosen forms 2 times daily.
Absorb Form. Dopplegangers can absorb the form of a recently dead body (within 12 hours of death) by absorbing their essence. This is rolled as a spell at a +4tht. Dopplegangers retain temporary forms for three days.
Dopplegangers have a +2 to will saves
Dopplegangers have 100ft Night vision.
Regenerates 2d4+con bonus hp/ round up to max hp
Charm person 2 times daily at a +3tht
Enhanced Senses +2 to listen checks, 30ft dark vision, Smell at 50ft what a human can smell at 15ft.
Preternatural Speed: The ability to move with preternatural speed. +2 to defense, +4 to all rolls concerning speed

Vampires take double damage on fire damage
Vampires take double damage on holy damage
Cannot be healed as by normal heal spells.
-2 divine resist.
Sunlight does 3d8 damage/round exposed
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Priest Spheres] None

[Level One] Spine Tingle, Twisted Soul, Deaths Grip, Cavorting Bones
[Level 2] Soul Shatter, Death Knell, Release, Disease Cloud
[Level 3] Moderate Wound, Bloodweep
[Level 4] Kiss of Death, Shade Spray, Critical Wounds, Fear
[Level 5] Birds of Carrion, Brittle Bones, Wall of Bone
[Level 6] Splinter, Obliterate, Unholy aura
[Level 7] Corpse Explosion, Negative Energy, Soul Bondage [Level One Mage]
Intruige, Levitate, Minor Illusion
[Level 2 Mage]
Identify, Flamewave, Flash
[Level 3 Mage]
Celestial Wings, Mask of Many Faces, Sleep
[Level 4 Mage]
Medium Illusion, Disenchant
[Level 5 Mage]
Elemental Walk (Fire), Detonate, Fear of Ancients. [Lost Arcane Spells]
Stirring Souls- Range: Souls must be within 30 feet of each other, by either physical or magical means.
This ancient spell, known only to necromancer few and far between allows the necromancer to not only ressurect a dead person, but to allow bind that sould to a person besides the necromancer itsself.

Character Description:
While not beautiful, most would notice her as intresting looking. Her blue eyes as cold as death itself, a smile that only hints at the insane thoughts beneath the surface. Her human form, lithe, with long legs, tall stature. She dresses in black, her accessories are usually assorted bones or skulls.
Character History:
-------Painful memories follow me this night. The world, has left me in this uncertain hell to rot. Will there ever be an escape besides my jounal and you? You have been with me through it all, when I was born, your icy fingers reached out to touch my life. Growing up, you lurked in the shadows of my mind, allowing me to use the powers of your realm. As I sit in here, the screams of the insane rip through the halls. Murder isnt a crime, it is a blessing, compared to the world that I now call life. Unjust punishment for the blessing i bestowed. Would you be so kind as to take me now? Deliver me from this world, a mockery of chaos. The key turns now inside the lock, sealing me tight into my cell, never hope for freedom. To hunt, to destroy, are dreams that die here with me.----IK" Last Jounal entry made by Illonya Krovonowitz inside Harrgorns Prison the the Mentally insane. It was in the same evening, she escaped, two unknown men aiding her It is rumoured she is traveling to the coastal town of, Crimosn bay. She is considered very dangerous, upon sighting, local authorities should be notified immediatly.

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