Dark Elf
Neutral Evil
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 4in
120 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Dex(+5), Int(+3), Wis(+1)
Hit Points60Defense+7 on D30
Level9Divine Resist+3 on D30
EXP5,305Luck+2 on D30
EXP to Next6001Willpower+5 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+8)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+6)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Short Sword (d6)
Twin Long Daggers(d6 a piece)
Claws (d6+1, immune to weapon loss. Strap to the hand.)
Twin Longsword(d14+2 damage, +2 tht)
Hard Leather Mail [30% Soak Chest, back, stomach, shoulders]
Heavy Shirt(10% soak)
Heavy Pants(10% soak)
Samurai Robe(10% soak)
Shinobi Mask(10% soak, +1 dex checks)
Leather Gauntlets(25% soak)
Black dragon scale boots - Shadowy boots, light and extraordinary tough, a small wing enscribed on either side (Acid/Toxin Proof, +2 to dex rolls, +1 to speed)
Gold dragon scale armlet - Brilliant mystical... Inspirational, the IronWings crest emblazoned into surface(+2 willpower)
Ice petal rose (Can be used by a lvl 12 priest to create a Elixer to cure all diseases)
Heavy bedroll, heavy robe, tent, spikes, spade.
Amethyst Necklace (+2 To Charisma checks)
Tactical Blade Emblem - A silver chain with a pair of silver blades crossed(Amulet of Telepathy)
151,500 Gold
A dark painting of a drow warrior laying upon a sacrificial table. He holds a curved sword relaxingly in each hand, wearing chainmail armor that is cut at the chest, blood covering the armor and his visible skin. He stares calmly up at a drow priestess, who is scantily clad. She holds a sacrificial spider dager in one hand, dripping with the blood of the drow warrior, and holds his heart high in her other hand, her expression one of dark glee. To those who view it in infravision, the drow warriors features are stuck in an expression of utter terror, and the drow priestess is replaced with a spider looming over him. Painted by Zachary Quatrini
(Languages)Common, Dark Elven, Dark Elven Sign, Goblinoid, Dwarven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Master Armorsmith
Artisan Weaponsmith

Alternate communication: the ability to communicate with hand; lip reading, or other means at +2 Int
Ambidexterity: Ability to fight with two weapons, +2 defense
Blind-fighting: the ability to fight without negatives when a character can't see
Endurance: Character can move farther longer without ill effects - can go for two days without rest.
Lethal advance: - 1 to init
Speed: +1 to Defense, +2 to roll sconcerning Speed

Weapon Specialization: Longsword(+1 THT, +3 DMG)
Weapon Specialization: Shortsword(+1 THT, +3 DMG)
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Character Description:
Standing at a good height for a drow, Renosen has an agile look to him. While not particularly muscular, he still carries the two swords on his belt as if they belong to him. His face is likely to be found with a stoic, thoughtful expression on it, under any terms.
Character History:
Moving from the underdark, he doesn't lay claim to any specific lineage. His style of fighting basiclly screams drow, though his attitude seems rather different, more thoughtful and accepting than what one would expect

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