Reipin Faragho

Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
170 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Str+3,Dex+6,Int+3,Con+3
Hit Points103Defense+9 on D30
Level15/14Divine Resist+1 on D30
EXP25,776/22,135Luck+1 on D30
EXP to Next35,001/25001Willpower+5 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+9)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+3
(Armor & Weapons)
Dagger (d4)
Longbow with 20 arrows (d6)
Two Hangers etched on them are waves.2d10+5 +5tht +5 water, May portal to anywhere Reipin has previously been
2 Boarding Axes 2d8+5 +5tht +5 water damage
Ice Cutlas of Orisis (2d6+3 +3tht +2 ice dmg)
Studded Leather Vest (75% Soak/ 75% fire soak, Hidden pockets throughout the material allow for vials of poison to be hidden anywhere, completely protected from impact by interlaced Red dragon scales)
Red Dragon Scale Armor 65% normal and fire soak +2 WP
Simple Platinum Ring: Allows wearer to smell the sea
Deluxe Disarming Kit - +10% Trap Disarming skills. This kit is for the elite Rogue, housing better and a few more supplies - and even easily transportable in a small pouch.
20' rope
bracers of haste ( 1 extra attack)
A small, beaded necklace fitted specifically to the wearer, a reflective metal caressing the surface of these beads. Around the front is a circular disk about the size of a nickel, one side bearing the Faragho family crest and the other side bearing the Jackson family crest. The Necklace permits telepathy in a special network permitted for the Faragho/Jackson families.
Black Rose telepathic Earring- Inables Reipin to communicate telepathicaly with any other wearing the earring
Iron Wing telepathic bracelet- Inables Reipin to communicate telepathicaly with any ohter wearing the bracelet
Spider-Climb Gloves:(Ninjas: +2 dex to Climb rolls, other rogues: +10% Climb Checks)
Ring of Strength- This ring grants the wearer +2 dmg on all melee attacks
Ring of Speed-Give the wearer +1 defense and -1 init
Jack of all Trades Badge - +1 to all stat checks
Ring of Battle Might-Grants the wearer +2 accuracy and defense
Ring of Regeneration-This ring grants the wearer +2 hp per round
Holy Medallion- Grants +2 defense
Permanent +1 D/R (Not Factored In)
Weapon Belt that makes it impossible for any but the owner to remove a weapon from the belt. The belt also gives +1 attack.
Thin Platinum chain (75% cold soak) with three charms: the Faragho crest (+5 WP), Jackson crest (+5 DR), and Flitternet crest (+5 luck).
Medallion with an elven woman emblazoned on it, +1 WIS checks
Shinobi's Mask- Grants 10% soak (head/face) +1 for dex checks
Dairy Farm between CB and Corner Stone
Antitoxin, Strong Toxin, Tonic, Potion, Greater Potion, Medicine, 4 Large first aid kit, 20 Elven Pipe Weed, Phoenix Tears, Chadices Light, 2 Mandrake Poison, 4 Lithe, Aconite, Dragons Fire Poison, 2 Dragons Fire Antidote, 4 Fire Scar Poison, 2 Serpents Venom, 2 Serpents Venom Antitoxin, Night Thorn Poison, Night Thorn Antitoxin, 3 Serpents Fang Poison, 3 Serpents Fang Antitoxin, 3 Stone Blood Poison, 3 Stone Blood Antitoxin, Daggers Pain Poison, Daggers Pain Antitoxin, Hemlock Poison, Nightshade Poison,2 Basilisk Blood Poison, 2 Basilisk Blood Antitoxin, Powdered Zombie Blood, Vampires Bite Poison, Vampires Bite Antitoxin, Feathers of Kaley, Big Bang Potion, Mortar and Pestle, 2 cure head ache vials
1 class 1 galleon
20 class 5 galleons
20 class 5 warships
2.484,350 Gold
Flask that holds 2 gallons of water
Tattoo of the crest that fades within 2 days of getting it, to be placed on the right biscep. This allows telepathic communication within memebers of Torrent. The tattoo allows the wearer to open a portal that takes 1d3 rounds to open to right outside The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay
A thin golden ring with a small diamond set in it. Beside the diamond are two smaller stones, Reipin's and Melody's birth stones. On the inside of the thin band is etched 'Depth of the Ocean'.
(Languages)Common+Fae+Celestial+Drelven+Drelven Sign+Elven+Sign Language+Orc+Gnome+Dwarven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Ambidexterity- the ability to fight equally with both hands. +2 to defence
Greater Ambidexterity: the ability to fight at a greater level with both hands. +3 to defence and one extra attack per round. [Ambidexterity required]
Speed- The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defence, +2 to all rolls concerning speed.
Strength: The ability to attack with greater strength. +1 to melee damage +2 to all rolls concerning strength
Greater Foolery: Make the untrue and unreal seem possible (+5 to charm) [Foolery Required]
Riding- Knows how to ride mounts
Mounted Fighting- Can fight while on a mount
[Seafarer Abilities]
Swimming:Character can swim well, trained swimmer. Gives +2 to Str checks whilst swimming.
Balance: Seafarer keeps their balance on tight ropes, high beams, and uneven floors. (+3 to dex roll)
Direction Sense:Direction sense: wisdom check rolled at +1 . Uses terrain stars and such forth to determine what direction he is headed.
+2 to disease checks
Master Shipwright
Master Herbalist
Master Alchemist
Master Physician
Master Artisian
[Mutant Abilities]
Reipin has the special ability to summon and manipulate the water to his bidding, as a free action. This includes the tides on a beach. In essence, he could control the sea as he sails it.
As a Ghost Pirate, Reipin gets +2 to all rolls when he is over water. Also, he does not need to sleep or rest, but he does need to eat to keep his strength.
Reipin also can morph into a skeleton as a free action (not considered undead - he can be healed by Priest prayers)
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
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