Rei`thal Val`tarro

Mage/Bard/Priestess of Tierra
Lawful Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 4in
126 lbs
Light gold
Deep Amythyst
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Str (-1), Dex(+2),Int(+3),Wis(+1)Char(+4),Con(-2)
Hit Points83Defense+5 on D30
Level15/15/13Divine Resist+4 on D30
EXP26510/26510/16521Luck+7 on D30
EXP to Next35001/35001/20001Willpower+6 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+7)
Prayer: (+5)
Song: (+9)
Spell: (+8)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Dagger ( d4 )
Staff ( d8 )
Mages Dagger: gives the bearer +2 spell tht and storage of 1 spell. 1d8+4 dmg +2 tht, bonded to Rei, cannot be weilded by anyone else, stolen, removed from her person, unless the enchantment is removed by a high level mage.
Dagger of the Bard: gives the bearer +2 Song tht, and stores 1 song. 2d6+4 dmg +3 tht. This weapon is only usable by Rei.

Leather armor (55% soak, symbol of Tierra giving her +1 to spell tht)
Weapon Belt that makes it impossible for any but the owner to remove a weapon from the belt. The belt also gives +1 attack
Armlet of the Merovingian (+2 CON)
Cypress - black stallion (20 hp) and all supplies
Leather Bracers (+3 Song THT)
Siren Harp (+3 song tht)
Mages Tome: +1 Spell tht
Tierra's Armbands: Two matching arm bracelets that fit on the elfs upper arms. Made out of gold and engraved with images that portray the story of Tierra and Vala's friendship, these holy bracelets award the priest a +5 tht +5damage/healing/duration to all clerical spells. The unique jewelry also allows the wearer to cast one extra spell from the HEALING sphere per round.
Circlet of Wisdom: +2 casting tht
Spell Book (1 Level 5 Spell)
5 1d10 Healing Mushrooms
Medallion +2 Def
Ruby Ring with the Iron Guardian etched into the stone. In the band it read [always remember people love you]. +5 WP, +5 Luck, +5 DR
10 Candies (+1 attack for 1d4 rounds)
Necklace (10% Lightning Soak)
Permanent 10% Fire Soak
Permanent +1 D/R (Not Factored In)
Posie-If sniffed the sniffer must roll WP or fall asleep
4,840,723 Gold
1,240,000 in funds for Crimson Rose
A pretty gown that adds a +1 CHA bonus to bardic song checks
1 very odd dragon scale. The scale looks to be twisted and formed with 1 crystal dragon scale and 1 gold dragonscale. The scale is able to make armor with 65% melee soak and 65% fire and ice soak.
2 6x6 Red Dragonscale
Unicorn toy (allows holder to transform into the toy; 3times per day for five minutes)
A book with its cover written in runic, surrounded with a protective aura which prevents the user to open it
3 rubies (worth 200 gold each)
ruby pendant with the engraving of a crow (10,000g value)
10 Amber gems worth 200 gp each
Rose Pendant crafted by Cirri with a Ruby worth 85gp
Lance Trophy made of Bronze
Kellan's ring- Allows the wearer when in Aienta to port anywhere in Aienta they have previously been.
Ring of Val`tarro: A simple platinum band with the Val`tarro Family Insignia on it, allows telepathy network between owners.
A small, beaded necklace fitted specifically to the wearer, a reflective metal caressing the surface of these beads. Around the front is a circular disk about the size of a nickel, one side bearing the Faragho family crest and the other side bearing the Jackson family crest. The Necklace permits telepathy in a special network permitted for the Faragho/Jackson families.
Tattoo of the crest that fades within 2 days of getting it, to be placed on the right biscep. This allows telepathic communication within memebers of Torrent. The tattoo allows the wearer to open a portal that takes 1d3 rounds to open to right outside The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay

Buttercup - golden mare with white star (15 HP), All Supplies
Horseback Riding
12" tall teady bear with extra soft and huggable fur and two brown stones for eyes. When attacked physically, the bear will act as protector to her in times of danger, and will create a shield around the child acting as a barrier against harm. The bear can also blink Alexis to where ever she wants if she frightened or believes herself to be in danger. (Bear - 75% soak, 75hp)
A 2 foot tall Gingerbread man servent. Can not attack but can defend Hp 50 (the Gingerbread servent can be commanded to do house work or simple tasks)
(Languages)Common,Elven,Angelic,Demonic, Runic
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Master Cook
Master Herbalist
Master Alchemist
Horseback Riding
Speed: The ability to move with greater speed. +1 to defence, +2 to all rolls concerning speed.
Alternate communication: the ability to communicate with hand; lip reading, or other means at +2 Int
Silent Casting: Magicker can cast spells without chanting, though hand gestures are still needed.
Mental Casting: Magicker can cast spells without speaking or gestures. [Silent Casting Required]
Elemental Speacilization (Water, +5 tht, +5 dmg to cast. Willpower rolls are made at -1)
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Priest Spheres]
Priests of this sphere gain a +3 tht to attack, evade, cast, and damage against chaotic alignments they can also detect lies ((rolled as prayer))
Priests of this realm get a +3tht to saves against elemental attacks as well as a 15% natural soak against elemental attacks.
Priest from this sphere can detect secret doors within 50ft as a free action They can identify and transcribe magic rolled as a prayer

[Mage Spells]
-Level 1-
Amplify, Common Translation, Intruige, Minor Illusion
-Level 2-
Aura of Protection, Elemental Fist (Earth), Elemental Grasp (Earth), Elemental Walk (Water), Minor Repair
-Level 3-
Celestial wings, Elemental Grasp (ice), Elemental fist (ice), Fetch II, Shatter Minor Item
-Level 4-
Celestial Bridge, Change Self, Disenchant, Elemental Grasp (fire), Elemental Fist (fire)
-Level 5-
Elemental Grasp(Air), Elemental Walk(Fire), Fire Strike, Invisibility, Minor Portal
-Level 6-
Blinding Blast, Frost Bite, Instant Bondage, Light Javelin, Stone Melt
-Level 7-
Detect Surface Thought, Empower, Greater Portal, Lighten, Permancy
-Custom Spells-

[Bard Songs]
-Level 1-
Song of Delirium, Bluster of Discovery, Trill of Blinding, Song of Soothing
-Level 2-
Animal Apathy, Aria of Ruin, Whispering Tongues
-Level 3-
Wooing Melody, Cure serious Wounds, Bluster of Degeneration, Lar's Beat of Sword Dancing
-Level 4-
Cure Critical wounds, Vala's Song of the Sirens, Shelter, Ryune's Boastful Bellow, Hymn of Constriction
-Level 5-
Lullaby of Inuendo, Healing Circle, Cadence of the Debilitated, Ayre of Duplicity, Disruptive Discord
-Level 6-
Berserker Crescendo, Charismatic Carillon, Pulse of Contention, Pulse of Havoc, Verse of Insight

Character Description:
Rei’thal Val’tarro is a beautiful elven maiden from the land of Velkyn Che’el. Her body is well toned yet extremely curvy, from the years of dancing when she was a child to the women she is today. Her hair is a soft golden blonde the travels in waves along the length of her body to her knees. Her eyes are a deep amethyst color.
Character History:
Rei’thal Val’tarro grew up in the Elvish land of Velkyn Che’el. Though she is not of royalty, she had carried herself with the air of one and because of it, she was often called ‘snob’ in her younger years. Thus, she spent her childhood years by herself, passing the time away dancing to the music that was buried deep within. As she grew older and developed into the young women she is today, her self imposed aristocratic stride has turned itself into a much more graceful, almost dance like movement. Rei’thal’s body is well toned, being now a dancer all her life. Her hair, the pure color of golden sunshine, softly framed not only her face, but her body as well. Traveling down the length of the dancer, in soft curls, all the way to her knees. Her eyes, the deep color of amethyst, shone with a deep desire to learn all she can. On a whim, Rei’thal decided to leave Velkyn Che’el and head for the shores of Crimson Bay. Something, deep within her, told her to go, and she followed the instinct. She met up with a traveling caravan that was headed in the same direction as she, just days after her departure. They agreed to let her travel with them, but for a small price. So every night, she had danced for them, as payment, to see her safely to Crimson Bay. In the caravan, there was an elderly man, who recognized the burning desire to learn, and also saw the magical ability within her. He had asked Rei’thal to stay with him in his caravan, and as payment ‘for keeping an old geezer company’ he taught her the beginnings of the arcane. And he was right, for Rei’thal did in fact had within her the pure natural ability to learn the arcane arts, and learn she did.

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