Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 9in
Glazed Blue
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Str -2, Dex -1, Con +3, Int +3, Wis +3
Hit Points23Defense-1 on D30
Level1Divine Resist+3 on D30
EXP0Luck+0 on D30
EXP to Next251Willpower+3 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (-1)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+3)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)

Dagger (d4)
Staff (d8)
Necronomicon (Spell Book) Thick, Black Leather Cloak.
500 Gold
(Languages)Common, Dopple, Angelic
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Underworld: Wis +1 on successful roll char can contact minor functionary in local crime for information.
Spell Focus: +1 Tht to the casting of all magicks.
Apprentice Alchemist
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
{Necromancer Spells]
-Level 1-
Cavorting Bones, Touch of Chill, Death\'s Grip
Character Description:
Morik\'s features are that of a normal elderly man. Time has not been good to this man. A long silky white mane flows down his back, and unlike most necromancer or mage you find, Morik keeps his beard shaved down into a rather long white goate. His face wrinkled by the passing of time. His optics, once a handsome set of ocean blue orbs, have dulled, they look tired. Waiting for death, but death keeps passing him by. He was once taller, but after several decades on this earth it seems as if he shrunk, his spine curved and bit, unable to stand straight

He is an old man, but do not let that fool you, this harmless old man can turn into one mean necromancer, his appearance changes completely when he is angered.
Character History:
Day 12. I fear that is the farthest that I have ever been from Kelvin\'s Peek. The land seems to roll on and on further then any eye can see. Tusk seems to be doing better, though I have done all I can for him. It is his spirit that needs to heal, not his body. He was devistated in that brutal attack on our lovely home. It seems that the Orc scouting party lost our trail several miles back, a good thing too for I was not sure how longer I could travel faster with Tusk in the shape he is in. Though I fear there is something deep in the shadows, watching, waiting. I cannot tell yet waht this creature may be, it might even be my imagination. So far we have turned towards a small bay area that was told me by a merchant that we passed, Crimson Bay was the name. I only hope we make it there in time to find someone that will help Tusk." That was the last entry in Moriks journal just before the assassintion took place. Though killed his pupil, Tusk, resurrected him in a fit of rage. Now his home is Crimson Bay.

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