Memnoch DeSuolegna

Chaotic Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
6ft 3in
210 lbs
Platinum White
Storm Grey
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:(STR)+2,(WIS)+2,(DEX)+3
Hit Points90Defense+6 on D30
Level15/15Divine Resist+5 on D30
EXP25466/25466Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next35001/35001Willpower+3 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+8)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+2
(Armor & Weapons)
Bracers of Demon slaying: Magical blade extends from the left guantlet on command dealing 1d16 holy damage to the target (double versus, demons/undead). The right guantlet has a detachable Chakram, which deals 2d6+3 dmg, When Chakram is attached it adds +2 to defense. They also include locking mechanisms to null weapon loss.
Scythe (2d8+7 +4tht,+10 ice dmg Orsisis) Hits 26+ causes the opponent to suffer -2 too all rolls per turn until stone. Roll con-check to save. (Status defects remains till end of battle)
Sentient Claymore (4d5 +5tht +5dmg)
'Angelic BackPlate' Fine Mythrall emblazed with the IronWings Crest, held tightly about the body with soft leather straps. (Personalised design offering 70% soak agaist specifically backstabs)
God Diamond Armour: specifically designed for Memnoch by himself for himself and other winged being: Angelic Runes emblazoned upon the chest plate and its sides with a platinum leaf depiction of the famous blade of Kaley 'True song' running up its left. (55% soak, no penalties)
Locked Diamond Guantlets (30% soak, +2 all saves, Nulls loss of weapon)
Large mithril Buckler- A flamming broad sword thrust between two IronWings emblazed upon its smoothe surface (+3 def)
LongBow (d2) Symbol of Kaley, A flaming broadsword, enscribed within the finest elven wood. +2Tht +5dmg -11 armor piercing arrows
Eagle helm 50% soak (+2 hunter skills)
Elven Longsword - an exquisitely made sword with a fine silver blade fashioning a delicate elven design complete with decrotive hilt, a magestic adaptation of the Ironwings crest enscribed into the exstensive gaurd, the angelic script 'ad maiorem kaley gloriam' emblazend along its length. (d12+5 tht +5 dmg -Blessed and silver to deal double dmg to vampires and lycans-)
Chain Robe(45% soak, -2 defense)
Sharp saber(d12)
Elven Long Bow (+3 THT)
Dark Blade 2d6+2 +2 ThT
Pendant of Caladus- THe symbol of Caladus' hammer engraved in the pendant. It gives Memnoch the ability to use Caladu's voice and he can be heard over a good distance on a battlefield with a very commanding tone that denotes a strong leader.
10xSlouth Vial [-5 to all stats for d3 hours (or 2d3 rounds)],
Large distillery complex: supplying krathos with quality spirits, amongst these the infamous ' Jolly Desdemona' a fine sour mash whiskey
Focus Band: +2 to Int/Wis Checks,
Pelt Cloak: A short cloak of dark material. More like a poncho, than it's name sake it has the opening leading from the throat down, as well as two slits from about midshoulder down. Lined with a fine dark silk, and trimmed with an almost sanguine red. (Offers a 20% to 'Fade', a +1 to Cha rolls, also offers a +2 to Con when dealing with harsh Climates.)
Compass - A simple yet oh so useful gizmo, highly advanced piece of technology. It is a cyllenderical object with N, S, E, W on the material within. Above it is a black arrow that is drawn to the magnetic forces of the North Pole. mehongany case fashioning a delicate elven design of an ocean scene that meets in a crashing wave about the IW Crest
Black Head Band (+2 Char Check)
Silver Hipflask with soft, leather holdings: Elaborately engraved with the Iron Wing crest and subtle elven design, is written, "Lady LUck favors drunks, fools, and children" writen find common script across the bottom. (+1 CON, +1 Luck, +1 WP, +1 CHA)
Black dragon scale boots - Shadowy boots, light and extraordinary tough a small wing enscribed on either side (Acid/Toxin Proof, +2 to dex rolls, +1 to speed)
Gold dragon scale armlet - Brilliant mystical... Inspirational, the IronWings crest emblazoned into surface(+2 willpower
A silver cloack broach with a picture of Her on it +2 evade when worn on a cloak
Ressurection Herbs (Ressurects one fallen ally to 1Hp)
The Iron Wing
2x Blue healing potions (+3d5 Hp)
Carved box filled with a misteryous powder (stimulant) and a vial of green liquid (Opiate).
Stimulant powder (+2 to all rolls and dmg for 2d10 rounds. suffers the opposite for half the time after user comes down.)
Kaley's kiss- pendant where the comfort of Kaley will flow through him and calm him in a time of need
Mixed with in the box they become a volatile paste, the box being a timer. Can easily destroy a city block.-
Amulet of Inebriation: (-2tht/Def to both opponent and self once per day)
Ornamental gold sword (200GP - breaks when used in combat)
Broken Copper and Gold Ward (1,500gp)
Vial of Manta Poison - can coat on blade for one battle - gives d3 paralysis on hit unless resisted by Con.
Holy symbol of Kaley (+2 tht)
Holy Medallion- This beautiful platinum medallion is exquisitely crafted with the symbols of the gods. It seems to vibrate quietly when you touch its smooth surface. +2 def
Priest robes (10% soak)
Null Poison Ring(Nulls all poison)
Saint's walking stick (+3 willpower (when held))
Gold Ring with Silver Unicorn motif (+1 Charisma)
'Braclet of telepathy' Platinum braclet hidden beneif diomand gauntlet fashioning the crest of both the IronWing and Acadamy allowing willed telepathy among fellow wearers.
'Medal of of Valiant Defender' (+1 to charisma)
Pearl of the sea (user can swim and breath in any water reguardless of temp)
skull Pendant(+1 to con checks only)
Earring of Mental Prowess +1 Willpower
Leather Cloak 10% soak, No Penalty
Barrel of Explosive Powder
Construction of Hospital/Orphanage started
Dracos Blessing: +2 to all saves versus Chromatic Dragons/ and Wyrms (including Wyverns, and Dragonkin)
6,100,482 Gold
3'*6' DragonScale
Two Dragon fangs
150 platnium pieces (worth 10 gold each)
Necklace (250gp), 7 rubies (100gp ea)
385 gems (100 Gold each assorted, many colors)
61 emeralds and ruby's worth 20 gp each
Useless glass shard
Bear Pelt
Satyr Horn
Smiling Skull Ring (500gp)
Satyr taiL
Ugly Locket with picture of two people in it
Ninja Uniform
Large emeraldx16 (worth 480gp each)
Three Black Diamonds(4500 gp)
10x10 Chromatic Green Dragon Plate (Scale)
Mythical Creature Claw
10'X10' Hydra hide
4 claws, 3 teeth of Chimera
(Trophy Heads)
12 ft. tall lizard man's head
Gold coin that has a picture of Her Winking on one side and a Dragon on the other.
Two Demon heads, their expressions one of agony and shock
A medusa head, complete with poison snakes
Black head of the rat king,
(Languages)Common, Angelic. Elven, Dwarven, Pixie, Fae, Nymph, Drelven, Dopple, Hobbit
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Track (Wis +5 attempting to track)
Favored Prey: Demon (+2 /-2all rolls)
Quickness: Can move with Pernatrual (double) Speed when chasing Prey
Persuit: Does not need to eat or sleep when hunting.
Cover Trail: when tracked, the tracker incurs -5 or -25% to tracking rolls
Specialise Weapon: Elven Silver longSword (+2dmg/-2tht)
Specialise Weapon: Scythe (+2dmg/-2tht)
Specialise Armour: None (N/A Evade Penilties)
Specialise Sheilds: None (1/2 penalty to hit)
Specialise Ranged: LongBow (+4dmg/-2tht)
Living Armor: God Diamond Armour (+15% soak N/A Evade Penilties)
Fighter's intuition (Lore): Knowlage of opponents weakness and immumities on int roll
Fighter's initiative: A fighter becomes the master of readying his weapons at a moments notice. This gives the fighter a +5 to initiative.
Quick Footed: A fighter can use his experience from past battles to more effectivly dodge his opponent. He can either reroll a failed evade or dodge a critical hit. This Skill can be used two times per spar or battle.
Master Armorsmith
Master Jeweler
Master Shipwright
Master Artisan
Apprentice Cook
Point Blank: (+3 Dmg when using a ranged weapon within 10 feet)
Lethal advance: - 1 to init.
Shield mastery: (+1 defence when using a shield)
Speed (+1 Def +2 all rolls concerning speed)
Greater Ambidexterity (+3 Def +1 attks per round)
Battle Tactics: (+1 battle/-2 Initiative/+2 Wis rolls)
Endurance: Character can move farther longer without ill effects - can go for two days without rest.
Last Breath: +3 to all rolls when between 1-5 hp [Endurance required]
Last Stand: the ability to roll Con for one attack at your opponent, should he knock you between 0 and -3 hp [Last breath required]
Advanced Direction sense: wisdom check rolled at +4 . Uses terrain stars and such forth to determine what direction he is headed [Greater Direction Sense required]
Saviour's Flight: Special talent. Memnoch may roll a DEX check to knock someone out of the way of an opposing attack. He then may evade the attack himself with no negatives to Evade THT.
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
-One Time Use-
Enduring Breath: Can be casted one time, as a free action. The person who has this casted on them no longer has to breathe for the duration of a quest. Once it's used once, it cannot be used again.
Character Description:
With his flawless skin, as pale as sculptured stone, magnificent Ivory wings, and flowing locks of the purest platinum white; Memnoch would at first glance, seem like a statue akin to those of Orthos' many temples. Frozen in place with a piercing gaze to freeze even the hardiest of souls, he appears a menacing figure of times past, and a true warrior of the demon/angel wars.
As his sea grey hues move to focus upon you, a faint radiance begins to emanate from him, an echo of his once celestial standing; showing he may not be quite as cold as he earlier seemed. Clad in slack leather khakis with boots to match; and massive black-steel scythe in hand, to those of good intent, he appears eerily gentle to look upon.
Crossed over his shoulders are two scabbards; reaching from just behind each wing, to fastenings on opposing sides of his belt. One appears empty, presumably for his scythe, whist the other holds his longbow, along with a flight of arrows. Underneath these, a third, vertical scabbard is seen, holding his trusty sword, which he reserves for only the hardest of battles.
In sharp contrast to his marble like skin, the thumb and forefinger of each of his hands are tattooed an ebony black, matching the leather guard he wears over his left shoulder, to display the rank he held in the ethereal wars. Aiming only to keep the balance between good and evil in Orthos, he is by all measures a gentle soul. Beware to those who seek to break the balance, however, as once set on a target; all of hell could not hold him back.
Character History:

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