Kasugo Hanzo Shinigami

Changling (Wolf)
Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 11in
Brownish Red
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:STR +3, DEX +5, WIS -3 CHA -1, CON +1
Hit Points21Defense+ on D30
Level1/1Divine Resist+0 on D30
EXP150/150 Luck+1 on D30
EXP to Next251/251Willpower+3 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+6)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+3)
Melee DMG+3
(Armor & Weapons)
3d3 studded leather gloves
Kunai (d4)
6 Shurikens (d4)
20 Needles (d3 +5 Poison Damage, On failed Con Check the target suffers d4 rounds of paralysis, non-stackable until the affects wear off)
Katana 2d8+5 +5 tht (Sword Bonding returns to hand, Water walk 3 times a day, Shadow mist3 times a day Can hide in broad veiw if make checks)
Silver gloves with Her stitched, winking +2 evade when worn.
20' Garrot wire
20 Caltrops (Target dex check or suffer -2 on Attack and Defense rolls Pre initiative)
7 day Trail rations, 5 water skins, 2 wine skins
Heavy winter cloak
3 torches
Grappling hook
100' Silk rope
Grappling hook
Lock Pick set
Tailor Kit
Poison Antidote
Small crest bearing a serpantine black dragon
Shinobi\'s Mask - 10% Soak (Head, Face) +1 Dex Checks
Black dragon scale boots - Shadowy boots, light and extraordinary tough a small wing enscribed on either side (Acid/Toxin Proof, +2 to dex rolls, +1 to speed)
Gold dragon scale armlet - Brilliant mystical... Inspirational, the IronWings crest emblazoned into surface (+1 WP)
'Bracelet of telepathy' Platinum braclet hidden beneath a diamond gauntlet fashioning the crest of both the IronWing and Acadamy, allowing willed telepathy among fellow wearers.
Silver Hipflask with soft, leather holdings: Elaborately engraved with the Iron Wing crest and subtle elven design, is written, "Lady LUck favors drunks, fools, and children" writen find common script across the bottom. (+1 CON, +1 Luck, +1 WP, +1 CHA)
Small Telepathy Orb, allows for a two way communication between holder and Verileth.
3 6D10 Fire Soak Dmg Cartridges for use with Fire Trap
Re-Usable Fire Trap, replacement cartridges necessary
Sentient Lockpicks: 15% to Lockpicking Skills, Immune to breakage
Deluxe Disarming Kit:(+2 Ninja Trap Disarming, +10% Trap Disarming Other Rogues) This kit is for the elite Rogue, housing better and a few more supplies, and even easily transportable in a small pouch.

Fully Equipped War Horse (30 HP)
101,669 Gold
Pouch containing 6 valuble gems' (6k)
Ring of Strength: This ring grants the wearer +2 damage on all meelee attacks
Ring of Battle Might: Grants +2 to accuracy and defense.
Ring of Speed: Gives the wearer +1 to defense and -1 to initiative.
Holy Medallion: This beautiful platinum medallion is exquisitely crafted with the symbols of the gods. It seems to vibrate quietly when you touch its smooth surface.
Gold coin that has a picture of Her Winking on one side and a Dragon on the other.
Pound of Fire Resistant Hair
(Languages)Common, Canine, Angelic, Demonic, Elven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Apprentice Tailor
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
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Character History:

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