Eric Taylor Jackson

Neutral Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
6ft 4in
170 lbs
Dirty Blonde
Baby Blue
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Wis(+6),Char(+4)
Hit Points120Defense+4 on D30
Level18/17/15Divine Resist+10 on D30
EXP60,001*/45,562*/32,051Luck+8 on D30
EXP to Next100,001/60,001/35,001Willpower+4 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+6)
Prayer: (+12)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Spirit Blade. It glows with a white energy, fire ice and lightning surround it. (Roll a 1d3 to decide which element does damage, 1 It is Fire, 2 It is Ice, 3 it is Electric. Each element adds +10 Elemental DMG. Also, it cannot be removed from it's current owner, only by the person who kills the owner. Can be called to Eric's hand from anywhere. Portal: Allows the user to portal anywhere they have been before.) 3d6+10 +10 Elemental Damage, +5 THT
Longbow "Ventosus" (2d8+5 +10 Wind Damage, +5 THT, Unbreakable Bowstring, Creates own arrows)
Shortbow "Glacialis", Unbreakable Bowstring (2d8+5 +5 THT, +10 Ice Damage to arrows shot with this bow. Arrows form upon draw of the bowstring.)
Broadsword of the Demon Slayer (3d6+10 +5 THT +10 Ice Damage, Double vs Demons, Soul Binding, 1 more ability)
Dagger-"Spiderwalker" (d4, allows the possessor to climb walls as if her were a thief of the same level of his main class *base 25%,+dex mod,+5%per 2 levels.
Battle Cleric Outfit (A white tunic tucked into white pants tucked into black boots, a white sleeved cloak forming around his back, the symbol of Chadice over his breast. Can be worn above his Dragon-scaled Armor. 5% Soak)
Green Dragon Scaled Breastplate - An emerald-colored reptilian armor set to protect Eric's torso from danger. The armor covers all of his front side, and most of his back, leaving room for the wings to have a full range of motion. On the left shoulder, near the heart of the angel it protects, is a beautifully-crafted logo of Chadice, two upright figures embracing tightly to each other. Wings extend from the back of each of the two figures, signifying angels, a symbol of the love that Eric and the crafter of the armor - Demara - share. 70% Soak, 75% Green Dragon Breath Soak (Poison Gas)
[Necklaces and Medallions]
Heart made of Moonstone. It forever feels the warmth of love to the touch, never growing cold. Set upon a chain of mythril, the heart comes to rest agaisnt the breast bone of the wearer. (Prayer THT +2)
A small, beaded necklace fitted specifically to the wearer, a reflective metal caressing the surface of these beads. Around the front is a circular disk about the size of a nickel, one side bearing the Faragho family crest and the other side bearing the Jackson family crest. The Necklace permits telepathy in a special network permitted for the Faragho/Jackson families.
Solid Gold Badge :: It reads 'Proof that you have defeated the Ragnarok' It cannot be removed from you. (Inscribed with the symbols of the gods on the front) Any magical adjustments must be discussed with HellsDM (+5 to Attack THT)
[Bracers, Bracelets, and Rings]
Locked Diamond Guantlets (30% soak, +2 all saves, Nulls loss of weapon)
Platinum Wyrm ring- Ring which was forged from the souls and physical remains of lesser white Dragons, gives 15% Lightning soak
[Misc Items]
One large victorian king sized bed. The bed itself is a canopied bed with curtains that might be pulled for pirvacy. It measures 10ft by 17ft. The mattress it enchanted with the spells "comfort" "relaxation" and "warmth".
Simple platinum ring: Allows wearer to summon flowers
Badge of History - +2 Int and Wis checks
Staff of the Dragon Priests +5 prayer tht, cure's blindness, poison, and disease once per quest/day. The staff also contains within it the potential to cure any incurable disease (including Lycanthropy, Vampisim, Blindness, and anything else one can think of) for six charges as a special power imbuned by an avatar of Vala
Mirrors of Chit Chat (Act as a two way talking device, each person can contact the other and will be able to communicate with that person as if talking face to face)
Paradise Rod- Takes the caster to their perfect vacation spot in a different plane of existence for 5 minutes Orthos time but it feels like 1 month for Eric and who he chooses to take with him.
[Guild Items]
Silver Hipflask with soft, leather holdings: Elaborately engraved with the Iron Wing crest and subtle elven design, is written, "Lady LUck favors drunks, fools, and children" writen find common script across the bottom. (+1 CON, +1 Luck, +1 WP, +1 CHA)
Gold dragon scale armlet - Brilliant mystical... Inspirational, the IronWings crest emblazoned into surface (+2 WP)
'Bracelet of telepathy' Platinum braclet hidden beneath a diamond gauntlet fashioning the crest of both the IronWing and Acadamy, allowing willed telepathy among fellow wearers.
Black dragon scale boots - Shadowy boots, light and extraordinary tough a small wing enscribed on either side (Acid/Toxin Proof, +2 to dex rolls, +1 to speed)
The Shaman's Lot
The Tastes of the Bay: Resturant upon a Luxary Liner at the Crimson Bay Docks, Dalador Blackrose co-owns this establishment with Eric Taylor Jackson, and it's menu ranges from Elven to Angelic, to Seafood, custom requests accepted. Not considered to be restricted to any social class, it is an open establishment for everybody, regardless of their station in life.
The Fang and Root (Property of the Iron Wing)
The Iron Wing with 50 Class 5 Gallons 25 Quick Cutter Scouts
The Lover A powerful ship built by Davey Jones Locker for Demara to give to Eric (Class 1 Galleon)
[Animal Allies]
Red-Tailed Hawk. A familiar to Eric for a long time, the Hawk (dubbed Bendición by Eric) is deeply attached to him. His primary purpose was to serve Eric Taylor Jackson as his eyes while he was stricken without sight, however, with the renewed vision the Gods have granted him, he finds himself more as a supporting friend to Eric. Bendicion has many friends among Crimson Bay, and even now when a red tail roams the skies, one cannot help but wonder if that is the hawk that somehow charmed the whole city. (HP: 36, 20 all THTs and Saves, 1d5 Peck, 2 Attacks Per Round)
War Horse (30hp) with all supplies
Family home in a forest meadow outside of Crimson Bay
Taena Family Estate in Halo's northern regions (18 Rooms, including Kitchen, Forges, Labs, Master Bedrooms, Nursery, Bathhouse, and Stables, all of which are uninhabited)
Vacation home in Halo (Built upon and within a mountainside, it features a balcony with a spectacular view overlooking the valleys between the mountains of Halo. 5 Bedrooms, Kitchen, Small Bathhouse)
Permanent +2 D/R (Not Factored In)
8,078,301 Gold
Avolonia/Xau Ring: This ring is a gold band, adorned with an onyx raven locked in combat with an aqua marine water phoenix. Worth 1 million gold
One Cup of Sugar
Golden Star-Shaped Trophy
Letter from Chadice
4 Barbed Arrows, Residue of Dragon's Bane on them (2d12+10, +20 Poison against Dragons, 70% Instant Death vs Dragons)
1 very odd dragon scale. The scale looks to be twisted and formed with 1 crystal dragon scale and 1 gold dragonscale. The scale is able to make armor with 65% melee soak and 65% fire and ice soak.
5 11x11 Green Dragon Scales
A small golf ball sized Star
3'*6' DragonScale
Two Dragon fangs
Vial of Vampire blood
Bronze Amulet: Shaped in the form of a disc, the amulet reads in an elven script, "It is not what you fight with, it's what you fight for."
Gold coin that has a picture of Her Winking on one side and a Dragon on the other.
(Languages)Common, Angelic, Basic Draconic, Elven, Dopple, Fae
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Horseback Riding
Fighting on Horse
[Class Abiliites]
+1 on Healing Rolls (1d6 becomes 1d6+1, etc)
Track: (28 or below)
Favored Prey: Undead, Dopplegangers (+2 to all rolls)
DEX Bonus to damage when using bows
Bow Mastery (Shortbow) +3 THT, +4 DMG
Bow Mastery (Longbow) +3 THT, +4 DMG
Weapon Specialization (Short Sword) +2 THT, +2 DMG
Master Herbalist
Master Alchemist
Master Cook
Master Artisan (Portraits)
Master Physician
Journeyman Shipwright
Mental Casting: Magicker can cast spells without speaking or gestures.
Greater Spell Focus: +3 Tht to the casting of all magicks.
Endurance:Character can move farther longer without ill effects - can go for two days without rest.
Fast Cast: Mage gets one extra spells per round
Battle Tactics: The ability to assess and act towards your best interest in a battle +1 to all battle related rolls -2 to Initiative and +2 to Wis rolls. (Stackable upon the Fighter level skill, Battle sense)
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Priest Spheres]

Priests from this sphere of influence have a +3 to attack, damage, and saves against characters of an evil alignment.
Priests of this sphere can sense motive and alignment rolled as a prayer.
Priests of this sphere can Scry (level 1 20% +5% every two levels)
They can also sense motive and detect alignment, rolled as prayers.

-Lost Arcadia-
Eyes of the Levathan. Range: Touch, Duration: 1d4 hours, Damage: None, Saving Through: D/R if resisted, Description: Imbues the target wtih night vision, enduring breath, and the effects of the talent endurance for 1d4 hours.(casted as a Priest Prayer) Enduring Breath: The person who has this casted on them no longer has to breathe for the duration of a quest.
Fighter's Touch, Range: Self, Duration: 1d6 Rounds, Damage: None, Saving Throw: None, Description: Gives Eric +2 str/dex/con to checks for 1d6 rounds.(casted as a Priest prayer)

Character Description:
The Angel has closely-cropped, dirty-blonde hair, and he is of a firm, albiet kinda slimish, build. He typically wears his Green Dragon armor, baby blue wings coming from special spaces in the back. His baby blue eyes seem to sparkle when he's in a good mood, which is quite often. Beware, however, if you think he's a complete pacifist with an infinite supply of patience, for he is a formidable foe to those that have been granted his hard-earned ire.
Character History:
In Progress

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