Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 1in
100 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Dex(+5) Int(+1) Str(+1)
Hit Points75 (Bound to Revanche Blackrose)Defense+8 on D30
Level12/12Divine Resist+3 on D30
EXP14,590/11,540Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next15001/15001Willpower+5 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+9)
Prayer: (+0)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+2)
Melee DMG+1
(Armor & Weapons)
An old, dull and rustly dagger from a long dead corpse
2 Shortswords (2d10+10dmg/5tht Each scribed with 20 spells of Cure Major Wounds at level 10 (3d10+2hp healed) and 1 resurrect spell)
2 Thorn Blades+3(Med wep class)(2d8+5, +5 tht+10 poison Dmage Mystic Cobra Venom fusion technique. 70% chance of death unless Con save is made 3Xs each spells below) Greater Portal Greater invisibilty An onyx rose rests on the end of the hilt with its emerald stem wrapping around the hilt and in between four diamond skulls, two on each side. Random thorns on the stem poke into the golden hilt with a tiny tear drop ruby set beneath to simulate blood. Other thorns have ruby tips. A skull with a rose in its mouth is carved on the upward curving hand guard. An intricate golden worked design runs down the center of each side of the blade of roses with their stems locking together in knotwork around skulls.
*** Giant Snake Fang 2d6 3 doses venom (d5 dmg for d4 rounds), Dagger(d4), Crossbow / 20** Cross bow bolts(d8) Shinobi's Mask (10% head. +1 for dex checks)Samurai Robe- 10% soak (Shoulders, chest, back, upper arm, fore arm, stomach, groin, upper legs, shins) Long Dagger(d6) Broad Sword(d12),
Elven War Bow +2 damage Quiver of 25 d12 elven warbow arrows.
2 d2+3 +3tht Throwing daggers

d12+2/2 Fine long sword, with richly decrotive hilt and well forged blade
Minor Gas Trap (d5 rounds poison on failed con, d4 damage per round)
10 crossbow bolts are enchanted with the nature spell: Diminish object. Upon firing, a successfull roll of 18 on a d30 dice must be made for the spell to take effect on the target. a critical fail will have the reverse effect, a critical hit will double the effect. the magic lasts for d5+1 days. For activation without firing, an attack must be forefited. the same roll applies., Boots of thievery (+10 on Shadowcloaking and Pick pocket), 2d8 meat cleaver +3tht +3dmg ,Gloves of greed(+10% pick pockets), Hand Gearaction cross bow, loads by clip 2d6+2 (2d6+2tht+2dmg) Belted Throwing Daggers x 3 (2d2+2tht+2dmg)
Long Sword(d12)
Chain Mail shirt (30% soak no negs)
Red Dragon Scale tunic. Sleeved with plates of scale covering vital organs and plated 3"x3" scales cover his arms, thighs, and other areas. The plates and scales are held together with mythril chain linking. The jerkin extends from the plated shoulder scales to the ends of the patern hanging just past the knees. A large symbol on the back depicts a skull with a black rose in its mouth. Mechanical wings on back. 60% soak silenced and lightened , Devil Onyx Armor 55% soak no penaltys
Cloak of the Vampire(30% soak, 2 times a day, user can turn into a bat, or gaseous form. if ever worn by vampire, the vampire can walk in broad day)
Orthos' Belt of Bronze(+3 Str)
Holy Medalion(+2 Defense)
Ring of Acid Resistance - +20% soak on Acid effects.
Bag of Holding (Stores 10,000 lbs of goods)
Small necklace, with a pendant shaped into a symbol of a round burning son, with two snakes facing each other over it
Ressurection Herbs (Ressurect on ally to 1HP)
Two teeth of a rare sea creature
4 claws, 3 teeth of Chimera
10 potions of the wind(+10 move silently d6 rounds)
4 greater healing potions(heals the character the amount of half their hp 2 potions will always fully heal)
1 vial of Clopid Venom paryl victim d6 rounds -2 con save(Four applications)
Bracers of Ambidexterity (one extra atack per round, two handed fighting)
2 Warhorses fully equiped
Sentient Lock picks in decorative inlayed case. (+10% to picking locks)
Lightstone- Creates a continual light equal to that of a latern.
Blackrose Telepathy Earring(can only communicate with others with the same EarRing)
10'X10' patch of Hydra hide
Null poison ring (nulls all poison dmg and effect, stolen from Kerr), Iron wing amulate (Allows comunication with other Iron wing members, stolen from Kerr)
Star Pendant (+1 luck)
1 x Ring of Telekenisis: Grants the wearer the ability of Telekenmisis, up to 100 lbs. three times per day
1 x Ring of Regeneration: This ring heals the wearer by +2 HP per round with an attached note ~With wicked intentions ... Love Keaira~
2 Grade 1 War ships, 25 Grade 5 War ships
8,486,793 Gold,
147 assorted gems (1000 gp each)
Giant's teeth
99 rubies(250 each) 6 Pearls (100 GP EACH),3 Black Diamonds (4500 gp each) Diamond (500 GP), Art(750gp), pouch(19 rubies 100gp per gem),3 3x3 red dragon scales, 2 4' dragon tallon, 2 jewl coins (500gp per coin), Golden Jeweled dagger decorative (worth about 5000), Large emerald x16 (worth 480gp each), Set of pearl earrings(worth 50 gold), 6 bars of verentine, 1 Jolly Roger Pirate Flag, 7 rubies (100gp ea), Smiling Skull Ring (500gp, stolen from Kerr)
Mineral Emporium, deed to pininsula above Crimson Bay
Gems (1000gp worth)
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Master Alchemist, Master Miner, Master Mason
Horse Riding, Horse Fighting, Haggle, Greater Haggle, Advanced Haggle
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
Character Description:
Small and quick. He wears soft slightly baggy black clothes covering most skin and black soft soled boots. His entire eyes as blue and non-reflextive. His features are unseen under a soft black cloth mask
Character History:
Not much is known about this particular being except he was raised to be a theif... and is now grown

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