Dormin Briggs

Lawful Evil
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 11in
147 lbs
Bright Blue
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Dex+2, Int+2, Str+1
Hit Points40Defense+3 on D30
Level5/5Divine Resist+1 on D30
EXP1776/1776Luck+1 on D30
EXP to Next2001/2001Willpower+3 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+4)
Prayer: (0)
Song: (0)
Spell: (+4)
Melee DMG+1
(Armor & Weapons)
Claw (d6)
Hand crossbow with 20 bolts (d4)
10 Each Snowballs of time stops target for 1d4 rounds damage.
war horse, 20 hp, 2d3 kick/bite 10 all stats dmg
Holy Medallion- This beautiful platinum medallion is exquisitely crafted with the symbols of the gods. It seems to vibrate quietly when you touch its smooth surface. +2 def
Ring of Regeneration: This ring heals the wearer by +2 HP per round.
Bracers of Defense: Gives +2 to defense.
Tongue Ring with +2 dmg
Winged Helm- 50% soak (Head) +3 def,
Ring of Basic Fire Resistance: Nulls 5 dmg from specific basic element per round.
Ring of Fire Blast: This ring allows for the wearer to shoot a cone of one of the elements(earth, fire, air, or water), to a distance of 30' from the user. The cone starts at half a foot in diameter, and at the largest point is 20' in diameter, hitting anything in it's path. d10 soakable damage, x2 to opposing element.
1 Class 1 Galleon, 'The Silent Steel'
239,250 Gold
(Languages)Common + Elven + Ceremonial Elvish+ Celestial + Siren
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Apprentice Ship Wright
Scribe Item: Magicker can inscribe a spell onto an object, sort of like a magical time bomb, that will go off when specified/activated, or when the party has left the area.Due to the strain of such a feat, this can only be done (scribers level)+wis bonus times a day. (note that for inscribed spell to be successfull, a successfull casting roll must be made based on the inscribers magic/prayer tht plus the activaters int/wis bonus)
Intensify magick: Magicker gets +2 Dmg on attack magickks./+2hp on healing magicks.
Concentration: Deeper concentration allows Magicker to cast spells despite distraction (+1 magick Tht)
Spell Focus: +1 Tht to the casting of all magicks.
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Necromancer Spells]
-Level 1-
Spine Tingle,Touch of Chill,Cavorting Bones,Deaths Grip

-Level 2-
Soul Shatter, Release, Fast Rot
-Level 3-
Clutch of Xau, Moderate wounds, elemental grasp, flame wave
Character Description:
Dormin Briggs stands 5\'11 wearing dark sailors clothes with a black bandana pulled over his platinum hair, which is tied back hanging down his back to its center. He wears a claw dangling from his left hip and a small hand crossbow mounted onto his left wrist. His skin is pale and he is thin, however, he doesn\'t seem to be unhealthy by any means.
Character History:
His history is the sea. He was born on the sea, lives on the sea, and if he has any say in it, he\'ll have his final slumber in Davy Jones\' Locker. His one desire is to rule the seas respected by all, feared if need be, but by Desdemona as his witness, he will own the sea, or die for it...

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