Delito Faragho

Chaotic Neutral
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
200 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:+3 STR, +6 DEX, +3 INT, +3 CON +1 WIS
Hit Points133Defense+10 on D30
Level18/18Divine Resist+5 on D30
EXP63,710/63,240Luck+4 on D30
EXP to Next100,001/100,001Willpower+7 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+12)
Prayer: (+5)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+6
(Armor & Weapons)
Two Cutlass of the seas: embues the bearer with the might of the ocean giving a +2 to melee dmg as long as the sword is in his possession.2d10+10 dmg +5 tht +10 water dmg. Double damage when used while on a body of water. Able to create a portal for Delito, allowing him to bring himself and whoever he chooses to wherever he himself has been. Second cutlass is bonded.
Bow of the Bucaneer.: 2d8+5 dmg +3 tht magical arrow appears when bow is drawn back. String is still susceptible to breakage. Double damage over seas
Blue Dragon Scale Armor: 75% Lightning and Normal Soak, +2 Willpower, Wings extend from the back of the armor, enabling silent flight. The etching of the symbol of Avolonia is in the armor above the right breast, giving +3 Luck
Leather Bracers (+3 Willpower)
100 ft silk rope
Sea Blue Bag of Holding
Amulet of the Camileon (Can make a shadow cloaking in any environment reguardless of lighting. Also gives 40% Chance of Spell Deflection on a 1d100 roll)
Necklace of dreams: 1 charm blue flower & bird (+1 CHA), 1 charm black throne (+5 WP), 1 charm feather fan (+5 D/R), 1 cloak charm (-1 init), shackle charm +1wp, pipe charm +5 luck
Ring of Elemental Resistance (Water): Nulls 5 Water Damage
Ring of Blinking: Allows the wearer to blink to anywhere within 100, twice per day.
Ring of Strength: This ring grants the wearer +2 damage on all meelee attacks.
Ring of Speed: Gives the wearer +1 to defense and -1 to initiative.
Ring of Battle Might: Grants +2 to accuracy and defense
Ring of Regeneration: This ring heals the wearer by +2 HP per round.
Copper Dwarven Insignia Ring +1 hp +1 dr
Pimp platnuim chain of the pimp slap(1 Extra melee attack)
Badge of the Pimp- +2 cha on Charm checks
Holy Medallion- This beautiful platinum medallion is exquisitely crafted with the symbols of the gods. It seems to vibrate quietly when you touch its smooth surface. +2 def
plumed hat, light cape, heavy pants
Bracers of haste (one extra attack)
Captains Hat
Weapon Belt that makes it impossible for any but the owner to remove a weapon from the belt. The belt also gives +1 attack.
Tavern Summoner- Can create one fully stocked tavern. Must be resummoned after 24 hours.
Tongue ring that lets whatever ship he is on fly, +5 luck
Locking Gauntlets
Oceanic Rings:Two Rings each holding their unique skills. One grants the wearer the ability to breathe underwater for 2 hours, activated once a day. The other acts as precognition to dangers at sea.
Star Ring (+5 divine resist)
Dracos Blessing: +2 to all saves versus Chromatic Dragons/ and Wyrms (including Wyverns, and Dragonkin)
Permanent +2 D/R (Not Factored In)
Red Orb: 65% Fire Soak
piece of Leviathan gut- this may be added to any bow, making the string unbreakable
Mask of Disguise (Cat Person)
Mask of Disguise (Blue Dragon)
Disguise Kit: The kit comes with various make ups and other items to distort your features.
Deluxe Disarming Kit:(+2 Ninja Trap Disarming, +10% Trap Disarming Other Rogues) This kit is for the elite Rogue, housing better and a few more supplies and even easily transportable in a small pouch.
Trap Disarming Bracers: The bracers simply allow for the Rogue to carry their disarming tools on their forearms, so they are easily accessible.
Sentient Lockpicks: 15% to Lockpicking Skills (Immune to Breakage)
82 Class 1 Galleons, The Defiant is one of them as the Flag Ship
110 Class 5 Galleons
26 War Ships Class 1
100 War Ships Class 5
2500 Class 5 Quick Cutters
Temple of Avolonia
North Star Islands
16,304,410 Gold
Water Bubble: This perfectly formed ball of water is warm to the touch, and when viewed bubbles can be seen floating forever upward, given to the Son of Water by Crakentia, Water Elemental High Priestess.
Silver Trophy
1 6x6 Red Dragonscales
Tattoo of the crest that fades within 2 days of getting it, to be placed on the right biscep. This allows telepathic communication within memebers of Torrent. The tattoo allows the wearer to open a portal that takes 1d3 rounds to open to right outside The Temple of Avolonia in Crimson Bay.
(Languages)Common + Elvish + Dark Elvish, Celestial, Drelven Sign, Dwarven, Draconic, Ceremonial Elvish, Runic, Fae and Dopple
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
[Mutant Abilities]
Delito has the special ability to summon and manipulate the water to his bidding, as a free action. This includes the tides on a beach. In essence, he could control the sea as he sails it.
As a Ghost Pirate, Delito gets +2 to all rolls when he is over water. Also, he does not need to sleep or rest, but he does need to eat to keep his strength.
Delito also can morph into a skeleton as a free action (not considered undead - he can be healed by Priest prayers)
Doesent age
Master Shipwright,Master Artisan,Master Carpenter,Master Tailor,Master Fletcher,Master Physician,Master Egineer,Master Herbalist
Blind-fighting: the ability to fight without negatives when a character cant see.
Lethal advance -1 to init
Item Lore: Int check +5 to tell a magical item and what it does.
Supernatural Strength: The ability to attack with supernatural strength. +3 to melee damage, +6 to all rolls concerning strength.
Advanced Disarm: With a Dex+2 roll, the rogue attempts to knock their foes weapon tumbling for d4 rounds. One use per battle. [Greater Disarm required]
Greater Ambidexterity: the ability to fight at a greater level with both hands. +3 to defence and one extra attack per round. [Ambidexterity required].
Advanced Foolery: Make the untrue and unreal seem possible (+9 to charm)
Alternate communication: the ability to communicate with hand; lip reading, or other means at +2 Int
Underworld: Wis +1 on successful roll char can contact minor functionary in local crime for information
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Seafarer Abilities]
Swimming:Character can swim well, trained swimmer. Gives +2 to Str checks whilst swimming.
Balance: Seafarer keeps their balance on tight ropes, high beams, and uneven floors. (+3 to dex roll)
Direction sense: wisdom check rolled at +1 . Uses terrain stars and such forth to determine what direction he is headed.
+2 Against Disease
Character Description:
There are two distinct descriptions of Delito as he, in fact, has two sides. The foppish,fey and wincing Delito is not the real him. Delito is too sure footed both on sea and on land for that to be true. His shere fighting prowess reveals amazing strength and agility born of countless hours of practice and application. He's a drinker, carouser, rogue, and womanizer. Deep within his brown gaze can be seen the constant thought of his next goal. He's determined, never stops. That's where the Admiral side starts to show. He carries himself at times in need in the supereme confidence he truely has. He's quick to pinpoint the mentality of a man and use his quick wit to confuse and befuddle him. Delito, whether you see him as the pirate, the rogue, the womanizer, the Admiral or the carouser, carries himself as a force to be reckoned with- savvy?
Character History:
Delito and his brother Giselo were born on an island in the Northern Trade Routes. Their family was not poor yet not extremely wealthy. They went to school at a very young age to learn reading, writing, mathmatics,literature, and sword play. Which was the basis for the job they both took as Catagrophers. When their parents died, Delito, much to his brother's dismay quickly blew their inheritence in one bad card game. The brothers then had to head out into the world as Catagrophy was just not making enough for them to survive. They took their first boat trip, to go to a city with more opportunity. When they arrived Delito could not give up the sea he loved so much. He said good bye to his brother and then started his life. Through trial and circumstance he became the Pirate everyone knows him as. He later found himself at the port city of Crimson Bay where even more adventure awaited him.

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