Charity Hope Valentine

Chaotic Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 3in
106 lbs
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:(Str) -1, (Dex) +2, (Con) -1, (Int) +1, (Wis) +2, (Cha)+3
Hit Points19Defense+2 on D30
Level1Divine Resist+2 on D30
EXP0/0Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next251/251Willpower+1 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+2)
Prayer: (+2)
Song: (+3)
Spell: ()
Melee DMG0
(Armor & Weapons)
Tavi - Black footed ferret. 10HP. Trainable
(Languages)Angelic, Common, Druid, Elven, Giant
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Spell Focus: +1 Tht to the casting of all magics.
Intensify magic: Magicker gets +2 Dmg on attack magicks/+2hp on healing magics

Apprentice Luthier
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
-Level 1-
Beat of the Nimble, Bluster of Discovery, Kaley's Lullaby, Song of Soothing

-Level 1-
Heal, Mershi's Gift, Summon Animal, Touch of Light
Character Description:
Now wingless, this angel has red eyes, and short hair barely reaching past her chin of periwinkle blue. She has the classic frail form of an angel, but now she could easily be mistaken for human. When she had wings, they were, as she put it, ugly, and many would agree with her. They were a dull puke green color, and mottled as well. Blotches of green, ranging from dark to light, littered the landscape that made up her wings.
Character History:
Charity grew up on the base of the Lithorod Mountains, where the boarders of Velkyn Che`el and Torment collide, in the town of Porthos. Born between siblings, she had an older brother, Roland, and a younger sister, Faith, all born to her parents, Trevor and Rose Valentine. In her years of growing up, the angel had been made fun of for the coloration of her wings. An angel stood up for her one day, when the taunting was getting to be too much for her to handle. His name was Victor Strauss, and after a story book romance, the two were wed.

On the day of the ceremony, as Charity looked up to the blue eyes of her beloved Victor and said 'I do', disaster struck. Demons, who saw the opportunity of mass destruction, took that chance. Though they were vastly outnumbered by the wedding goers, they had what everyone else did not, weapons. The massacre was swift and no one had time to try to defend themselves properly. As Charity laid on the ground, her wings removed by force from a demon, Victor fell on top of her, having just taken a glaive to the back. The demon who just speared him, stepped on the both of them, and rammed his glaive right through the back of Victor, straight through and hit Charity as well. Her scream of pain was mistaken for a death scream and Victor died, embracing his wife of not even a few minutes.

After the carnage was over and the demons left, Charity, in her bloodied wedding gown, crawled out from the dead grasp of Victor, and stood in front of the alter, and all she could do was stare at what had happened. Hearing a moan off to the distance, she hurried as fast as her pained body could, to find her father still alive. Kneeling down beside him, he told her to go to the Crimson Bay, get to the Dragons Inn, that he had a cousin who lived there in the city, and the Inn was quite popular. Her best bet would be to get there, and then seek out Eric Taena.

Her father then passed away, after telling her to just go as fast as she could, to get away from the town of Porthos. Stunned from the pain of her wings being ripped off, all she could do was nod at her fathers' dieing wish, and left the small chapel, she didn't quite leave though. Nearing the door, she saw her younger sister, Faith, still alive, but in agony. One of the demons had sliced open her abdomen, spilling the contents. Charity knelt down behind her sister, cradling Faith's head in her lap, listening to the shock filled ivory winged angel speak incoherently in pain. Charity could not let her sister go in such pain, she was no follower of Ryune, so she did the only thing she could do. Grabbing a piece of shattered glass that was near by, Charity told Faith that she was sorry, she loved her, and slit her own sister's throat. Charity could not bear to see her sister die slowly, and the dewinged angel could not do anything else.. there was nothing else she could have done.

Rescuing Tavi, her fathers' black footed ferret, Charity grabbed as many cloaks as she could, survival mode setting into the young angel, she didnít have time to weep, who knew if and when those monsters would come back. So, grabbing as much as she could in her pain and stunned mind, the young angel headed out with only the clothes on her back, her wedding dress, and what few provisions she could gather in her haste. Get to Crimson Bay. Get to the Dragons Inn. Find Eric Taena.

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