Caia Lupine

Chaotic Good
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
5ft 0in
103 lbs
Golden Blonde
Honey Brown
Stat Bonuses and Negatives:Dex (+5), Wis (+4)
Hit Points85Defense+8 on D30
Level14/12Divine Resist+7 on D30
EXP22,743/10978Luck+3 on D30
EXP to Next25001/15001Willpower+3 on D30
T.H.T.Attack: (+11)
Prayer: (+8)
Song: (+0)
Spell: (+0)
Melee DMG+0
(Armor & Weapons)
Elven Longbow (20 d10 Elven arrows)
Bastard Sword (d12)
Dagger(d4+1,+1 tht)
Crypt Slayer Dagger (d4, silver, etched with fine runes along the blade, double dam. against both lycans and undead)
Spear of the Dawn. d8+3 dmg, +3 tht, blinds upon sucessfull strike (-4 to all actions unless resisted by constitution, not stackeble) for 1 round.
Sun Quatum Bow of Oshaldria(3d5+5+5tht +10 sun dmg. Only can be wielded by good aligned character)
d12+2/2 Fine long sword, with richly decorative hilt and well forged blade
Elven Defender 3d7+7, +5tht, +10 holy dmg, 2 X's dmg against undead, silver edged X's 2 lycanthropes) Enscribed 'Thy will be true, our path be that of purity`

Green Dragon Mail Armor (lined with Hellbunny fur.) (60% Soak)

A symbol of Mershi done on her lower back, with twin daisy wrapping around the holy symbol (+2 spell tht, +2 attack tht. Magickers fuel and Nimbleness)
Ring of Strength: This ring grants the wearer +2 damage on all meelee attacks
Holy Medallion-A small piece of bark from an oak tree, with the symbol of Mershi carved into it. The medallion itself is hung on a slender golden chain. +2 defense
Gauntlets of Guidance: Gives +1 to accuracy and damage for slashing weapons
Amulet of Milturgh's ancestory (Amulet adorned with a Ruby and an Emerald, on a gold chain +3 hp)
28 Berries of Life - If you stuff a dead person's mouth with 20 of them, it brings him/her back to 1 hp. The person must have died within the last 24 hours.
Ring of Fire Resistance - +20% soak on Fire effects.
Mask of Language - This mask is covered by tiny letters in many languages and with pictures of strange creatures. This mask of language gives the user access to Common, Elven and Dwarven languages, and the wearer can speak, understand, read and write those languages.
12 sunlight arrows - no damage, but blinds (-4 for all actions) for 2d6 rounds, unless resisted by constitution.
A mysterions Necromantic tome (trapped)
2 hallucinaginic mushrooms: causes the person eating them to see things that arent there for 6d8 rounds
Personal perfect toe ring
158,056 Gold
one black ball imprinted with HDM
3 HellBunny Pelts
Satchel full of soil from The Plane of Life
Water from the Plane of Life.
A root from the diseased tree in the Plane of Life.
One Bandit Guild Cloak
Golden Mask (5000 gp)
(Languages)Common, Elven, Ceremonial Elven
(Skills, Trades, Talents, etc)
Winged Helmswoman- Permantly gain wings if you do not have them, Permantly loose wings if you do have them. Canot be undone, save for a wish or miracle spell.
Master Armorsmith
Master Herbalist
Master Weaponsmith
Improved two-handed Fighting (Ranger only): The Ranger gets 2 extra attacks instead of one and +4 defense when using this.
Greater Ambidexterity: the ability to fight at a greater level with both hands. +3 to defence and one extra attack per round
Blind-fighting: the ability to fight without negatives when a character can't see.
Battle Tactics: The ability to asses and act towards your best interest in a battle +1 to all battle related rolls -2 to Initiative and +2 to Wis rolls.
[Mortal Foe]
Undead +3 to all rolls.
Shape Shifters +3 to all rolls.
Animal Companion-White Jack Rabbit named Fluffernut (10hp)
[Weapon Specialization]
Sun Quatum Bow of Oshaldria
BastardSword Family
(Prayers, Songs, Spells)
[Level 1]
Heal, Summon Animal, Touch of Light, Sense Poison
[Level 2]
Healing Light, Shaped Tree, Flame Production, Charming, Tangled Up
[Level 3]
Call Lightning, Cure Disease, Diminish Objects, Poison, Breath of Air, Great Magic Fang
[Level 4]
Sleet Storm, Thunderous Storm, Summon Natures Ally, Neutralize Poison
[Level 5]
Reincarnate, Death Ward, Fire Storm, Ice Storn, Summon Fire Ants, Dissipate Mist
Character Description:
She wears her long blonde hair in two braids, tied off with tanned leather strips. Her small elven frame is clad in hides. She bears a moon pendant around her neck.
Character History:
Caia Lupine was born in the northern recesses of the Magestic wood. Her life was one served in the devote serive of Mershi.

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